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Project Name

Buildbot and EC2

Project Description

The BuildBot is software for automatically building and testing other software. EC2 is Amazon's "Elastic Compute Cloud", a service that lets you run Virtual Machines on Amazon's computing grid using a web API. It would be awesome if BuildBot had an EC2 module, and could spawn Virtual Machines on-demand to perform tasks. Conveniently, BuildBot is written in Python, and there's a Python library for interfacing with EC2.

References: Amazon EC2 Basics For Python Programmers

Project Leader(s)

Adam Delyea

Project Contributor(s)

Dominic Baranski

Project Details

Release 0.1

   Buildbot and EC2/0.1

Release 0.2

   Buildbot and EC2/0.2

Release 0.3

   Buildbot and EC2/0.3

Release 0.4

   Buildbot and EC2/0.4

Release 0.5

   Buildbot and EC2/0.5


Task Details Priority Contributors Status Target Completed Link(s)
0.1 Release Covering the basics High Adam Delyea Done      
0.2 Release High Adam Delyea Done      
0.3 Release High Adam Delyea Done      
0.4 Release High Adam Delyea Done 14/1/08 14/1/08  
0.5 Release High Adam Delyea Done 3/1/08    
Testing People needed to download the revisions and test them to make sure it works in different environments. Note, this will require you to have your own EC2 account. Expired NEEDED! ***
Dominic Baranski
Different Builds Need different projects to try and build, to make sure it works to build projects other than Mozilla
This is no longer a priority. Building with Mozilla is the focus of this project. The EC2 functionality can be extracted and used to build any program / system.
Expired NEEDED! ***
Dominic Baranski
Complete Documentation Medium Adam Delyea In Progress      


*** Would you like to contribute? Well here's an excellent opportunity for you to do just that! Feel free to e-mail me at <>

Project Resources

Project News

For a less formal, and more up-to-date view on whats happening, see the BLOG.

2007-09-17: Project claimed!

2007-10-11: Found a python EC2 library that has all of the functions I will need for interacting with EC2. Just need to write a custom build step to run these library functions.

2007-10-12: Release v0.1 is complete and available for download.

2007-10-12: Release v0.2 loosely defined. More detail to follow.

2007-11-17: Release v0.2 is complete and available for download: can start an instance and start an EC2BuildSlave

2007-11-21: Release v0.2.1 is complete and available for download: now to include variable EC2 users, and instances, and DNS'

2007-12-13: Release v0.3 is complete and available for download: easier to install and setup, can use to build projects now

2008-01-14: Release v0.4 Defined. In the process of getting accounts and machines for Try Server Farm.

2008-02-01: Task List and Release News is being moved to individual Release Pages. See individual Releases for more information.