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Release 0.4

Buildbot and EC2 Project Page


  • Run a Try server @ Home
  • Make Try server use EC2


For this release, it was important to make this project more useful for Mozilla.

For EC2 to be useful, you have to use it when you have periods of inactivity, or periods of sudden increased activity. This appears to happen most often on Mozilla's Try Server.

The Try Server lets developers submit a patch to the trunk, and have it build on all 3 OS's, without submitting their change to trunk. So, it's just a place where developers can try and see if their patch will work on all 3 major OS's.

Since developers are using the Try Server continuously, and it's a service that cannot really be taken offline, Seneca will be hosting it's own Try Server. Right now it is very unclear how many machines will be made available to this Try Server, but there should be about 10 machines available for this project at the beginning. As the project continues, more servers will likely be added.

Since time is an issue in getting access to the servers @ Seneca, the first little bit in getting the Try Server to use EC2 build slaves will be running on an external (from Seneca) server. Once that is completed, a zip of the buildbot files will be made available here.

Server Location

   Try Server Patch Submission Page


Task Details Priority Contributors Status Target Completed Link(s)
Try Server Start a Try Server on a Linux machine. High Adam Delyea Done 14/01/08 14/01/08 Mozilla Try Server
EC2 on Try Server Make the Try Server use EC2 to spawn build slaves. High Adam Delyea Done 14/01/08 14/01/08