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Release 0.5

Buildbot and EC2 Project Page


  • Port Try Server to Seneca's Hera Cluster
  • Setup Seneca's EC2 account for Seneca Try Server
  • Apache User configuration
  • Downloadable Try Builds


This release is all about getting everything to work on Seneca's machines, and getting the configurations all set up.

The temporary Try Server that is set up on my personal server is going to be ported over to Seneca's Hera cluster, and then configured to allow the Try Server to use all of the available machines.

User information will be manually added to an Apache config file, to give users access to the Try Server. This is because you will need to be registered to access the Try Server, and we also want to limit access to who's builds will launch EC2 instances when the cluster is full.

Also going to add a build step to upload the completed build to a downloadable location on the cluster.

Server Location

         Click here if you'd like to test the Try Server @ Seneca:

   Try Server Patch Submission Page @ Seneca

Due Date

    February 3rd 2008 (Pending access to Hera)


Task Details Priority Contributors Status Target Completed Link(s)
Downloadable Try Builds Allow users to download their completed builds Medium Adam Delyea
In Progress
Try Server Apache Authentication Authenticate users using the Apache config High Adam Delyea
Seneca EC2 Account Set up an account for Seneca on Amazon's EC2 Service High Adam Delyea David Humphrey
In Progress

- Funding is approved.
Try Server @ Seneca Port Try Server from external server to internal servers High Adam Delyea David Humphrey
03/02/08   Hera Try Server Setup


Jan 24 2008 - Hera machine image requirements are completed and finalized.
Feb  1 2008 - Machine Images are completed, and are being loaded onto the Hera machines.
Feb  1 2008 - Funding is approved for Seneca EC2 account.