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Release 0.1

Buildbot and EC2 Project Page


  • Add in a new build step to Buildbot
  • Allow Buildbot to connect with Amazon's EC2 service


    Note: You will need to install the boto library located here.


Basically, this first version attempts to connect to an EC2 account, and then display the connection information to show that it has connected.

It uses a library called "boto", and this library is used to connect to all of Amazon's Web Services

To use this in a Buildbot configuration file, simply call the connect_to_ec2() function, which takes in as paramaters, an Amazon id key, and an Amazon secret key.


    connection = connect_to_ec2("73ghf9h38fh", "75vo87rVO*&V%O7o75v7i%i75I&5li7%i75")


Task Details Priority Contributors Status Target Completed Link(s)
Define new build step Add a new build step to the build master config file. The build step will be in an external file and imported into the build master config file. High Adam Delyea Done     Writing New Build Steps
Connect To EC2 using Python Utilize the EC2 python library to connect to an account on the EC2 network. Once connected, display some information about the users account to prove it's actually connecting. High Adam Delyea Done