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UNX511 - 20121 - Project - TeamA

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=Project Outline=
* Zork-like adventure game
* '''Type:''' text-based game
* '''Possible platform:''' Web/XHTML/HTML5, Terminal
* MMORPG-ish (killing, leveling, etc. involved) , but text-based game and it's all about statistics
** No maps!
=Project Description=
Ganglands is a massively multiplayer, textonline game that combines the best features of classic [| multi-based adventure game in user dungeons] with the vein excitement of Zork and King’s Questcrime sim RPGs like [| Mob Wars]. Players compete to become the greatest mob boss in the ganglands by forging alliances, engaging in combat, and solving devious puzzles. Each task successfully accomplished garners experience points and money, which can be used to level up your characters and buy tools and manpower that help you claw your way to the top. Ongoing contests give you access to special bonuses and a leaderboard keeps track of your various accomplishments.Ganglands operates on a Linux server coded in C and C++, with a C/++ [curses|]-based text frontent and web (HTML5 | and Android(Java)-based graphical frontends. It is currently in its planning stages, with a projected public release date of late April 2012, at which point the source code will be released under an open source license. This wiki serves as a chronicle of its development and a repository for important information for developers. Please check back often for updates. 
=Team Members=

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