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UNX511 - 20121 - Project - TeamA

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012
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==TuesdayMonday, February 76, 2012==* '''Venue''': Lucas' officeSkype
* '''Agenda''' (subject to change):
:* Clearly define project concept and goals
:** At its core, the game is a MUD which merges features of 'crime sim' role-playing games (akin to Mob Wars)}
:** Players log into a client (Curses/Web/Android)
:** Server displays instructions and listens for commands
:** The goal is to become Godfather - leaderboards are established to track this
:** To reach this goal, users take Jobs and/or Hits for experience, and join a Gang
:** The combined wealth and experience of a Gang allow them to advance on a leaderboard
:** Periodically, a contest gives users the chance to acquire more money, more experience, and rare items - this makes it easier for them to advance and allows them to compete for more things
:** The game never ends. Any user can start up from scratch and eventually build up to a Godfather
:* Assign roles
:** '''Lucas/Natesh''': C/++ Server Leads:** '''Natesh''': C/++ Curses Client :** '''Rainulf''': Web Client Lead:** '''Ahmad''': Other roles as necessary:* Plan roadmap and deadlines, noting that midterm and Stage 1 project document submission is on '''Wednesday, February 22, 2012''':** Current goal: Text-based chat client - '''Wednesday, Feb 8, 2012''':* Next Meeting: Tomorrow, '''Tuesday, February 7, 2012'''
==Saturday, January 28, 2012==

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