SPO600 Course Policies

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Course policies for SPO600:

  • Each student is expected to sign the Open Source Professional Option Student Agreement.
  • The Seneca Academic Policy applies in full to this course. With respect to Section 9, Academic Honesty, it is expected that code will be reused and extended within the open source context -- however, all licenses must be respected, and you must not claim authorship of work which is not your own.
  • Project and lab work is submitted by blogging. Please blog frequently (at least 1-2 times per week), following the Blog Guidelines. Ensure that your blog is included in Planet CDOT via the Planet CDOT Feed List.
  • Release dates are firm. Please ensure that you release what is required on the release date. If your work is not complete, please release what you have completed by that date (i.e., DO NOT release late -- release incomplete instead).
  • If you will be absent for a class, please make arrangements to cover the material (i.e., have another student make notes).
  • If you will be absent for an extended period (multiple classes) due to illness or other causes, please contact your professor.
  • Quizzes may not be announced in advance. If you miss a quiz, no make-up will be given. However, the three lowest quiz scores will be dropped, so you can miss one or two without impacting your mark. For students with accommodations, an alternate monthly test will be available through the Test Centre.