ICT Web Programming Refresh 2012

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Attendees for Session 1: John Selmys, Emile Ohan, Anthony Austin, Danny Abesdris (Arroway), Peter Callaghan, Mary-Lynn Manton, Ian Tipson, Peter McIntyre, Praveen Mitera, Sunny Shi, Michal Heidenreich

Attendees for session 2: Emile John Sam Fardad S Peter M Jordan A Bob B Mary-Lynn Daniel Hodgin Chris T


  • currently last 2 weeks of course is xhtml/css intro
    • consider removing web content (last 2 weeks), and not expand unix content in uli101
    • this should not affect int222 or int213
  • request from Programming Stream
integer data rep should be covered in the first half of the semester (bin - hex || hex - decimal) - we give our students an application in the second half


  • currently legacy asp
    • no changes
    • consider changing to asp.net


  • currently 1st half is xhtml/css, 2nd half is css/javascript
    • html5 replaces xhtml/javascript/css (Anthony has reservations)
    • need to manage the course depth - should not be another "killer" course
    • consider changing pre-req to IPC144 (Emile)
  • propose it now be HTML5 (including Javascript/DOM/CSS3)


  • currently 1st half perl, 2nd half is php with apache and mysql
    • remove perl and Apache admin and replace with more html5/ajax (not Anthony's opinion)
    • recommend perl and python as professional options
    • consider using a versioning system like git/svn (Fardad)
    • consider Python instead of PHP
  • propose it now be continuation of HTML5 from INT222 + PHP + Ajax


  • currently asp.net web forms and c# with intros to sql server and ajax
    • remove ajax
    • consider using a versioning system like git/svn (Fardad)

LETTERS (from faculty who could not attend)

NOTES from INT REVIEW in 2010


  • should not be implemented in Jan 2012
  • should be implemented in May 2012
  • need more unix courses (Anthony, John)
  • all faculty should be given cell phones and tablets (except Ian)
  • all faculty should be given Mercedes (except Ian)

INT222 Outline Comments

The link below is a "version 1" proposal, listing the topics to be covered in a refreshed INT222 / BTI220 course.

I approached this task by simply listing all the topics that could be covered, without regard to sequencing, as I thought of them. Then, I grouped and sequenced them. Finally, I compared the result to the current course outlines, the comments of others, and a bit of research.

The document is available in PDF. This zenit server wouldn't permit me to upload a docx or doc file.

Proposal, version 1 - pdf


INT222 Progress Report

The link below includes the updates received from the few verbal and written responses since the publication of "version 1" above.

Proposal, version 2 - pdf

The link below may be of interest to readers:


Before the next meeting, please think about the following question: What knowledge and skills should incoming students possess before starting your course? Some sample getting-started observations are below:

Coming into INT222 / BTI220

  • Using software on a personal computer (which prepares them to use an editor, a browser, and a file transfer program)
  • Proficiency in any code editor on any platform
  • Conceptual knowledge of what a server is
  • Conceptual knowledge of message-based protocols (i.e. request, response)
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Good language comprehension (to be able to formulate a problem into a solution, or at least a solution approach)

Coming into INT322 / BTI320

( looking for help here... )

Coming into INT422 / BTI420

( some students know, and can do, some of these, but most couldn't, coming into Winter 2012 BTI420... )

  • Conceptual knowledge of a request lifecycle
  • HTTP knowledge basics
  • Web site resource organization
  • AuthN and AuthZ
  • CSS (basics, layout, rules)
  • JavaScript (anything!)
  • Cookies
  • Dev tools (i.e. F12, or Firebug-like tool)
  • HTML (p, br, div, div, ul, li, input, etc.)
  • Conceptual knowledge of page/document templates
  • Server resources (request, response, file system, etc.)
  • Nice-to-have - creating a navigation menu

Coming into the Web Services pro option

  • Good HTTP knowledge
  • Solid OO knowledge and skills

Curric meeting, April 23 2012

Attendees included: Praveen Mitera, Jordan Anastasiade, Les Czegel, Emile Ohan, Peter McIntyre, Daniel Hodgin, John Samuel, Mark Gurwitz, Mark Buchner, Anthony Austin (for awhile), Danny Abesdris (for awhile), Zhenzhou Qin (for awhile), Mary Lynn Manton (at the end)

The note-taker was Peter. If he missed something that should be included below, contact him.

Current status

  • Les Czegel just finished the Winter 2012 semester of BTI220
  • HTML5 content was blended in to the existing course topic delivery
  • He was pleased with the results, almost all students passed the course
  • Zhenzhou Qin will teach the course in the summer (July+August, compressed), and will continue to blend in changes

Important decisions:

  • Emile is teaching INT222 this summer, and will begin blending in HTML5 coverage
  • All (in the room) agreed in principle to change the INT222 prerequisite to IPC144
  • All (in the room) agreed in principle to remove HTML coverage in ULI101; Michal was consulted, and he will look at doing it this summer

Also working on:

(more to come)