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  • Feb 17 - Topic: WTP - API Concepts and Roles
    • Server Tools Architecture - Techniques to find the source code for a specific bug
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  • Feb 24 - Topic: Eclipse Plug-in Architecture
    • Plug-in Technology - Techniques for developing Eclipse WTP
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Purpose: Jordan our professor has told us in the class that we will help each other to solve our problems in this learning community. Indeed, we will be rewarded at the end of the semester if we have helped our fellow classmates to fix their bugs. Before we reach this goal, I think we can post up our problems and questions here. Some of us can offer our help by responding to these questions. We can also blog our problems. As for me, I'm learning about a new culture of being "open" and collaborating with other students to solve my problems as well as others' problems.

  • (pliu): I've created a blog account and writen my first blog on wordpress.com. How do I feed my blogs to the the Open Source @Seneca Planet? (I really enjoyed reading the blogs that were fed to this Open Source @Seneca Planet over the weekend.) Please help me. Thanks.
    • I found out how to do it.
  • (Peter, 2:30 pm, 1/30): As I was reading the blogs on Open Source @Seneca Planet, I noticed that a few fellows in our WTP class have posted their BLOGS about the BUGS. Reading their blogs have motivated me to undertake the challenge of fixing WTP-related bugs. Then I discovered that Kevin's Blogrolls [1] has linked up all those blogs.
  • Note: As per today February 05, 2009 Seneca wireless does allow you to connect to CVS regardless of CVS repository path used for the connection; you can use dev.eclipse.org on connection type pserver; Please read CVS Howto for details. Thanks to our ACS department.
  • Dave brings to my attention an interesting talk about Eclipse Development Process. If you have time, please take a look at it. (Thanks Dave).
  • Note: As per our last common agreement, I would like to propose to you, to work together in solving the following colleagues bugs:

Xia(Shellely), Kevin Vu and Tahereh. Your colleagues have posted their results and we could start from their findings. (Posted March 26, 2009)

Fixing Eclipse-WTP Bugs Collaboratively


Please find below the results of our work

Name IRC Nick(s) Project(s) Product Component Blog Link
Jatinder Singh Jatinder WTP - Bug 203257, Normal, P2 Webservices wst.wsdl [2]
Jian Feng Allen Xie heyqule WTP - Bug 253231, Normal, P3 Common Tools wst.validation [3]
John Dang JohnDang WTP - Bug 255894, Normal, P3 Webservices wst.wsdl


Khanh Vu kevinvu WTP - Bug 240698, Normal, P3 Server Tools wst.server


Le Yang lyang42 WTP - Bug 243799, Normal, P3 Source Editing wst.xsd


Jesse Valianes JesseV WTP - Bug #209289 Webservices wst.wsdl [7]
Nabeel Khan nkhan26 WTP - Bug 227760, Normal, P3 Server Tools wst.server


Shelley Shi shelley WTP - Bug 137822 Server Tools jst.server [9]
Tommy Lo Tlo WTP - Bug 236404, Normal, P3 Webservices wst.wsdl [10]
Peter Liu pliu WTP - Bug 256185, Normal, P3 Webservices wst.wsdl [11]
Tahereh Salimi tsalimi WTP - Bug 244862, Normal, P3 Server Tools wst.server [12]
Davoud Salahi Rad davoud WTP - Bug 168784, Normal, P3 Common Tools wst.command [13]
Farhad Norouzi Farhad WTP - Bug 240167, Normal, P3 Server Tools wst.server


Summary of Accomplishments

DPS909 and OSD600 Winter 2009 Eclipse WTP Summary