Winter 2009 Open Source Students

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Please add a all relevant personal/project info below in the provided table:



Name IRC Nick(s) Project(s) Course
Aaron Chan achan66 OO.o - B - To De Decided OSD600
Andrew Braini aBraini OO.o - A - To De Decided DPS909
Anthony Hughes ashughes Birdtorrent DPS911
Chinmay Patel chinmay To De Decided DPS911
Fred Wang WFred OO.o - Understand the Impress application (6) DPS909
Jatinder Singh Jatinder WTP - Bug 203257, Severity - Normal, Priority - P2 DPS909
Jerry Pau jPau OO.o OSD600
Jian Feng Allen Xie heyqule WTP - Bug 218101, Normal, P3 OSD600
John Dang JohnDang WTP - Bug 255894, Normal, P3 DPS909
John Ford John64 Something from here DPS911
Joshua Doodnauth Jsdoodna XUL Application Packaging DPS911
Justin Goncalves jrgoncal To be decided DPS909
Khanh Vu kevinvu WTP - Bug 240698, Normal, P3 OSD600
Le Yang lyang42 WTP - Bug 243799, Normal, P3 OSD600
Leonard Lee Vesper Portable Canvas DPS911
Nino D'Aversa ndaversa Add GPS and Camera Support to Fennec (link to be added later) DPS911
Patrick Lam Patrick_PC_Lam C3DL Collision Detection OSD700
Ryan Wang rmwang OOo - B - To be decided DPS909
Sid Kalra Sid Mercurial History Browsing
Tony Lai TonyLai Add an Infobar Style Warning for Window Resize OSD700
Daeseon Moon daeseon OOo - A -_To be decided OSD600
Jesse Valianes JesseV WTP - Bug #209289 DPS911
Ladan Zahiroleslam l_zahir OO.o - C - 4.4 Fix MouseWheel jump in Calc OSD600
Ezadkiel Villarico Marbella ezadkiel_ nsIdleService tests fail on maemo Pause image animation when system idle. DPS911
Frankie Law Mini_Cheong OOo - A -_To be decided OSD600
Nabeel Khan nkhan26 WTP - Bug 227760, Normal, P3 DPS909
Bartosz Barcicki BartB OOo - A -_To be decided DPS909
Shelley Shi shelley WTP - Bug 137822 OSD600
Tommy Lo Tlo WTP - Bug 236404, Normal, P3 DPS909
Tiago Moreira Kamots OOo - C - To be decided DPS909
Peter Liu pliu WTP - Bug 256185, Normal, P3 OSD600/DPS909
Tahereh Salimi tsalimi WTP - Bug 244862, Normal, P3 DPS909
Chris Bishop chrisBee WTP ... to be decided OSD700
Davoud Salahi Rad davoud WTP - Bug 168784, Normal, P3 DPS909
Farhad Norouzi Farhad WTP - Bug 240167, Normal, P3 DPS909