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About Me

Hello and welcome. I'm a fourth year student in my last semester in the BSD program. My joys consists not only of all things computers but, also include keeping fit and healthy, as well as the many hobbies I have.

The hobbies/activities that I enjoy are as listed:

- running (absolutely love it; so far ran two 5ks)
- yoga (cured my back problems!)
- weight-training (just to keep strong)
- KENDO (been doing it for a year and love it - hurts though ><)
- photography (love the arts; just got a Canon 50D w/ 50mm 1.4 lens :D)


Understand the Impress application (6)

   * analyze the code organisation
   * describe the design and the link with Draw
   * provide Class Diagrams, and everything useful
   * find and document a list of issues Impress related
   * analyze them (describe interactions with Stard Draw e.g.)
   * fix two of the issues above
   * integrate the fixes


- Class Diagram - link
- Kohei's Blog - link

How can you get a hold of me?

Email - fwang15 at learn dot senecac dot on dot ca
Blog -
IRC - WFred