Winter 2009 SBR600 Packages of Interest

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Slowest 15/1412 Packages

Out of the first 1412 Fedora packages built in the mass rebuild, these are the slowest 15, in order from fastest to slowest:

Group 1

  • evolution-2.24.1-2.fc10.src.rpm,803.42,0 -- Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager and communications tool
  • compat-gcc-32-3.2.3-64.src.rpm,820.41,0 -- Includes the C compiler and required compiler libraries for those systems.
  • frysk-0.4-2.fc10.src.rpm,896.42,0 -- Providing developers and sysadmins with the ability to both examine and analyze running multi-host, multi-process, multi-threaded systems. Using Java and C++.

--George P 12:27, 19 February 2009 (EST)

Group 2

  • eclipse-3.4.1-5.fc10.src.rpm,922.89,0 --Eclipse Compiler for Java
  • boost-1.34.1-17.fc10.src.rpm,944.02,0 --The Boost C++ Libraries
  • eclipse-cdt-5.0.0-10.fc10.src.rpm,958.64,0 --Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin

Group 3

  • esc-1.0.1-11.fc10.src.rpm,974.38,0 LANG=C, Other Language Used = Java, XUL, This is a mozilla package.
  • gdal-1.5.3-1.fc10.src.rpm,987.88,0
  • cernlib-g77-2006-31.fc10.src.rpm,1254.00,0

Group 4

  • crystalspace-1.2.1-1.fc10.src.rpm,1334.77,0 -- A 3D engine for games
  • cernlib-2006-31.fc10.src.rpm,1442.27,0 -- Physics libraries and models from CERN
  • gimp-help-2.4.2-1.fc10.src.rpm,1490.08,0 -- User guide for the Gimp graphics editor
  • ghdl-0.27-0.110svn.1.fc10.src.rpm,1817.80,0 -- VHDL simulator for designing electronic chips, based on GCC
  • gcc-4.3.2-7.src.rpm,6999.26,0 -- GNU C compiler
  • diveintopython-5.4-12.fc9.src.rpm,8074.33,0 -- Book about python (why does this take so long?!)

Preparing to test distcc

In order to test the effect of using distcc for package building, these packages are being set up for a non-mock build:

Package Researcher Computer
crystalspace George Popescu Australia
cernlib Gajendran Ratnam China
ghdl Devashish Mukherji India
gcc Rahi Parsi Ireland

Meanwhile, Chris is working to determine why diveintopython and gimp-help (which are books/manuals) are in the top-4 slowest packages :-)

Comparison Results from Matt Domsch

Matt Domsch from the Fedora Project has provided built time information for a rebuild of Fedora 11 on his systems at Dell: