Wiki email issues - September 2012

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The issue that prevented the CDOT Wiki system from sending email to users (September 2012) has been fixed by Seneca ITS.

  1. If you requested a wiki account by mailing and received an email response, follow the instructions in that email to log into your account.
  2. If you requested a wiki account but did not receive an e-mail, please follow this procedure:
    • Go to the User List page and search for your username (it will probably be your full name, not your Seneca login name -- for example, if your e-mail says "John R Doe <>", your account name will be "John R Doe").
    • Once you have found your username, go to the User Login page, enter your username, and click on the "E-mail new password" button.
    • Check your e-mail for a new random password in about 10 minutes.