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(20:02:19) (@psupreme) hexellent, did you commit your sourcE?
(20:03:01) (@psupreme) BriaN_90, what about you?
(20:03:12) (@BriaN_90) no yet
(20:03:17) (@BriaN_90) i will do it in few minuts
(20:03:19) (@BriaN_90) did u?
(20:03:35) (@psupreme) yes
(20:03:44) (@psupreme) jas1137 and i commited this morning
(20:03:46) (@BriaN_90) ok
(20:04:03) (@BriaN_90) he said
(20:04:08) (@BriaN_90) that before we add the frame
(20:04:11) (@BriaN_90) we need to ald
(20:04:15) (@BriaN_90) an argument
(20:04:18) (@BriaN_90) to the edit
(20:04:22) (@BriaN_90) did u do it?
(20:04:28) (@psupreme) yes i did, but dont worry about it
(20:04:34) (@psupreme) we'll add it to the one that is chosen
(20:04:41) (@psupreme) if it doesn't have it
(20:04:48) (@BriaN_90) ok coll
(20:04:49) (@BriaN_90) cool
(20:04:55) (@BriaN_90) i commit everything now
(20:05:26) (@psupreme) we can use this channel for commit staus instead of the wiki
(20:05:31) (@psupreme) if you guys want
(20:06:38) (@BriaN_90) yeah why not
(20:06:45) (@BriaN_90) we should keep open mirc
(20:06:53) (@hexellent) so we'll just update the topic in this channel?
(20:07:03) (@psupreme) well
(20:07:07) (@psupreme) not the topic
(20:07:09) (@psupreme) just post like
(20:07:22) (@psupreme) Commiting -- 08:07 PM
(20:07:23) (@psupreme) ....
(20:07:27) (@psupreme) Done Commit
(20:07:51) (@BriaN_90) it's fine for me guys
(20:07:59) (@psupreme) and we can read the channel to see whether its okay to commit
(20:08:56) (@BriaN_90) ok
(20:09:07) (@BriaN_90) did u put the files under trunk?
(20:09:14) - psupreme changes topic to: Meeting at 8PM
(20:09:21) (@psupreme) no
(20:09:32) (@psupreme) read the instructions
(20:09:40) (@psupreme) it says to put it in branches/username
(20:10:56) (@psupreme) so where is danushi
(20:11:38) (@hexellent) "Create a direcotry in branches"
(20:11:44) (@hexellent) direcotry... gee :D
(20:11:54) (@psupreme) haha
(20:14:22) (@BriaN_90) ok i'm done
(20:18:05) (@hexellent) okay, so how are we gonna choose the “best code”
(20:18:19) (@psupreme) hmm
(20:18:28) (@psupreme) BriaN_90, you made a pretty bad mistake
(20:19:04) (@psupreme) int locOFF=0;
(20:19:04) (@psupreme) if (strOffset == NULL)
(20:19:04) (@psupreme)     strOffset = &locOFF;
(20:19:23) (@psupreme) that sets the pointer strOffset to the address of a variable only inside the scope of the function
(20:19:32) (@psupreme) once the function exits, the pointer will be undefined
(20:19:45) (@psupreme) this would work if locOFF was static
(20:20:03) (@BriaN_90) hm
(20:20:15) (@BriaN_90) he asked us
(20:20:18) (@psupreme) but using static for something like this is usually undesirable
(20:20:20) (@BriaN_90) to do this
(20:20:37) (@BriaN_90) wait let me check my code
(20:20:38) (@BriaN_90) lol
(20:21:00) (@psupreme) in my code
(20:21:03) (@psupreme) int tempStrOffset = strOffset ? *strOffset : 0;
(20:21:14) (@psupreme) i make a temp str offset to use in the function
(20:21:31) (@psupreme) if the pointer is not null, i set it to the value at the pointer, if it is null, i set it to 0
(20:21:49) (@BriaN_90) the prof said
(20:21:50) (@BriaN_90) to create
(20:21:53) (@BriaN_90) a local variable
(20:22:00) (@BriaN_90) and give to the pointer its address
(20:22:08) (@BriaN_90) if the main passess NULL
(20:22:14) (@BriaN_90) maybe i missunderstanding
(20:23:10) (@psupreme) "If no offset variable is pointed to; that is, if the address of the variable is NULL, your function sets the offset to the index of the first character in the string; that is, to 0. "
(20:23:26) (@psupreme) We went over this when he released the assignment
(20:23:32) (@psupreme) Many confusions on this part
(20:23:41) (@BriaN_90) yes
(20:23:43) (@BriaN_90) i don't know
(20:23:45) (@BriaN_90) in class
(20:23:49) (@BriaN_90) he wrote the code on the board
(20:23:51) (@psupreme) But, you're supposed to create a temp variable to use in the function if the pointer is NULL
(20:23:53) (@BriaN_90) and he told us
(20:23:57) (@BriaN_90) what i wrote
(20:24:00) (@psupreme) the code on the board was incomplete
(20:24:13) (@psupreme) and he said some things might be wrong with it
(20:24:17) (@BriaN_90) were u in the same class?
(20:24:21) (@psupreme) section C
(20:24:27) (@psupreme) we have pretty much the same source code
(20:24:27) (@BriaN_90) ok i'm in section A
(20:24:32) (@BriaN_90) yes
(20:24:39) (@BriaN_90) but i'm pretty sure
(20:24:42) (@BriaN_90) that he said that
(20:24:45) (@BriaN_90) but i don't care
(20:24:52) (@BriaN_90) we don't have to use my edit
(20:25:01) (@BriaN_90) thanks for the advice
(20:26:59) (@BriaN_90) but i still can't understand what u r saing
(20:27:00) (@BriaN_90) because
(20:27:04) (@BriaN_90) when the function ends
(20:27:10) (@BriaN_90) the pinter strOffset
(20:27:14) (@BriaN_90) will be gone with the function
(20:27:15) (@BriaN_90) right?
(20:27:19) (@psupreme) no
(20:27:25) (@psupreme) you declare strOffset outside the function
(20:27:26) (@BriaN_90) why not :O
(20:27:36) (@psupreme) and pass in its pointer
(20:27:36) (@BriaN_90) where is it declared?
(20:27:51) (@psupreme) well
(20:27:53) (@psupreme) in tester.cpp
(20:27:54) (@psupreme) you see
(20:27:55) (@psupreme) int strOffset = 10;
(20:28:00) (@psupreme) and when you call the function
(20:28:09) (@psupreme) you do &strOffset
(20:28:37) (@BriaN_90) yes
(20:28:45) (@BriaN_90) but the *strOffset
(20:28:56) (@BriaN_90) is created in the edit function right?
(20:29:08) (@psupreme) it shouldnt be
(20:29:15) (@psupreme) you should change it if it is not null
(20:29:17) (@psupreme) else leave it
(20:29:24) (@psupreme) and use temp variables
(20:29:54) (@hexellent) isn’t it what he does though?
(20:30:00) (@BriaN_90) i think i'm doing it
(20:30:01) (@BriaN_90) lol
(20:30:29) (@psupreme) i know what you're trying to say
(20:30:39) (@psupreme) if you pass in NULL for strOffset, does it work?
(20:30:46) (@BriaN_90) of course yes
(20:30:50) (@psupreme) ok
(20:30:51) (@BriaN_90) in my main
(20:30:55) (@BriaN_90) i mean tester
(20:30:58) (@BriaN_90) i have it
(20:31:02) (@psupreme) if you do
(20:31:05) (@psupreme) int strOffset;
(20:31:11) (@psupreme) &strOffset = NULL;
(20:31:15) (@psupreme) then pass that in
(20:31:22) (@BriaN_90) ok i'll try
(20:31:24) (@psupreme) would it break
(20:31:30) (@psupreme) strOffset should still be null
(20:32:23) (@BriaN_90) c.display("Now we test the NULL condition",10,2);
(20:32:23) (@BriaN_90) c.edit(str1,12,2,40d,30,NULL,NULL,NULL);
(20:32:28) (@BriaN_90) in my main i have this
(20:32:36) (@psupreme) yes that should work
(20:32:38) (@psupreme) in your code
(20:32:43) (@psupreme) but the other case shouldn't
(20:33:01) (@BriaN_90) so i have to set stroffset to null
(20:33:02) (@BriaN_90) and pass it
(20:33:05) (@BriaN_90) to the function
(20:33:08) (@BriaN_90) i do it now
(20:34:18) (@BriaN_90) it works
(20:34:24) (@BriaN_90) it compiles and runs
(20:34:28) (@BriaN_90) without errors
(20:34:36) (@psupreme) does strOffset change
(20:34:47) (@BriaN_90) change where?
(20:34:53) (@psupreme) in the tester.cpp
(20:35:07) (@BriaN_90) u mean when i write more thant the fieldlen?
(20:35:21) (@psupreme) I mean when you exit the edit functio
(20:37:07) (@BriaN_90) it doesn't show me anything
(20:37:59) (@BriaN_90) it didn't change the stroffset
(20:38:11) (@BriaN_90) by the way i think we are wasting time lol
(20:38:13) (@psupreme) you're not supposed to change the strOffset if it is null
(20:38:25) (@BriaN_90) ye that's right
(20:38:30) (@psupreme) but you do
(20:38:33) (@psupreme) if (strOffset == NULL)
(20:38:33) (@psupreme) strOffset = &locOFF;
(20:38:59) (@BriaN_90) because that's what the prof told us to do
(20:39:48) (@BriaN_90) because if it is null
(20:39:53) (@BriaN_90) we have to make sure
(20:39:58) (@BriaN_90) that it points somewhere
(20:40:09) (@psupreme) nope
(20:40:16) (@psupreme) you dont need it to point anywhere
(20:40:22) (@psupreme) just gotta create a temp variable
(20:40:33) (@psupreme) either holding 0 or holding the value of strOffset if it is not null
(20:40:42) (@psupreme) lets say you passed in NULL to the function
(20:40:53) (@psupreme) you would change that NULL, which is not declared anywhere
(20:40:54) (@psupreme) to a value
(20:41:03) (@psupreme) and i think this would cause a memory leak
(20:41:17) (@BriaN_90) locoffest
(20:41:19) (@BriaN_90) ops
(20:41:23) (@BriaN_90) locOffset
(20:41:26) (@BriaN_90) is = to 0
(20:41:34) (@BriaN_90) so we don't have memory leak
(20:41:42) (@psupreme) yes, but you set the strOffset to the & locOff
(20:41:45) (@BriaN_90) because it is ponting somewhere
(20:41:51) (@psupreme) it should be
(20:42:00) (@psupreme) locOFF = 0;
(20:42:07) (@psupreme) if strOffset is null
(20:42:13) (@psupreme) then use locOFF in the function
(20:42:18) (@psupreme) instead of *strOffset
(20:42:40) (@BriaN_90) int locCur=0;
(20:42:41) (@BriaN_90) bool locInsert = true;
(20:42:41) (@BriaN_90) char chr='0';
(20:42:41) (@BriaN_90) if (strOffset == NULL)
(20:42:41) (@BriaN_90) strOffset = &locOFF;
(20:42:45) (@BriaN_90) it's the same thing
(20:42:46) (@BriaN_90) lol
(20:42:58) (@BriaN_90) locOFfset is 0
(20:43:13) (@BriaN_90) and strOffset point to locOffset
(20:43:20) (@BriaN_90) only if it is NULL
(20:43:21) (@psupreme) int locOFF = strOffset ? *strOffset : 0;
(20:43:21) (@BriaN_90) :D
(20:43:34) (@psupreme) it shouldnt change where strOffset points too
(20:43:49) (@BriaN_90) lol
(20:43:58) (@BriaN_90) i think we should discuss it
(20:44:02) (@BriaN_90) in person on friday
(20:44:09) (@BriaN_90) maybe i can understand better
(20:44:17) (@BriaN_90) like this honestly
(20:44:19) (@BriaN_90) i can
(20:44:23) (@BriaN_90) can't
(20:44:26) (@BriaN_90) :P
(20:45:30) (@psupreme) anyways
(20:45:34) (@psupreme) lets pick these functions
(20:46:12) (@hexellent) okay, so we’re supposed to put together the “perfect” edit() and display() inside ONE of our directories on SVN together with Frame1Test and then tag it?
(20:46:37) (@psupreme) yes
(20:46:53) (@BriaN_90) ok i didn't comment my edit
(20:47:09) (@BriaN_90) i think we should pick one that is commented
(20:47:13) (@BriaN_90) like yours clinton
(20:47:27) (@BriaN_90) of course we r gonna test it better
(20:47:32) (@BriaN_90) through the assignment
(20:47:38) (@psupreme) yeah
(20:47:46) (@BriaN_90) if there are problems i think it's easy to debug it
(20:47:49) (@BriaN_90) what do u think guys
(20:47:55) (@BriaN_90) is jas1137 here?
(20:48:03) (@jas1137) ya
(20:48:06) (@BriaN_90) ok lol
(20:48:36) (@jas1137) i like Clintons edit func
(20:48:37) (@BriaN_90) so guys
(20:48:58) (@BriaN_90) cool
(20:49:08) (@hexellent) no no, my edit function is the best.
(20:49:17) (@BriaN_90) mine is the best!
(20:49:22) (@psupreme) no me!
(20:49:36) (@hexellent) no it’s not, psupreme found bunch of bugs in your code, we can’t use it
(20:49:36) (@BriaN_90) oh by the way
(20:49:46) (@BriaN_90) do u guys have facebook?
(20:49:49) (@psupreme) really? share
(20:50:00) (@hexellent) I just detected a bug in my edit, the backspace deletes characters even if the position is at 0
(20:50:22) (@psupreme) you found a bunch of bugs in my code hexellent?
(20:50:43) (@hexellent) no, I told brian that we can’t use his code because YOU found bunch of bugs in it
(20:50:47) (@psupreme) ah
(20:51:18) (@hexellent) i think we should just pick anybody’s code, get the tester working, then later take a look at each other’s code and make modifications
(20:51:22) (@jas1137) so I veto Clintons edit function
(20:51:28) (@BriaN_90) i was saying maybe sometimes we check facebook more often than other things
(20:51:37) (@BriaN_90) so it's better to share facebook :O
(20:51:37) (@psupreme) my edit function also "hops" left and right without the use of a function
(20:52:25) (@hexellent) it’s a good idea to put the code in a function so u could reuse it for LEFT and BACKSPACE
(20:52:50) (@BriaN_90) right
(20:52:53) (@psupreme) my code goes for left, right and backspace
(20:53:32) (@hexellent) so does everyone else’s
(20:54:14) (@BriaN_90) i think u don't need to hop right
(20:54:17) (@BriaN_90) what for :P
(20:54:19) (@psupreme) nope
(20:55:07) (@psupreme) jas1137's display function looks good
(20:55:14) (@psupreme) looks fast
(20:55:22) (@jas1137) it is fast ;)
(20:56:23) (@psupreme) I like your display aswell hexellent
(20:56:37) (@BriaN_90) but u don't like mine
(20:56:39) (@BriaN_90) lol
(20:56:45) (@BriaN_90) come on tell me! i know
(20:56:46) (@BriaN_90) :P
(20:57:08) (@psupreme) not sure why you chose to go with creating a new string though
(20:57:33) (@hexellent) in the display?
(20:57:35) (@psupreme) yeah
(20:57:37) (@psupreme) i can see how it works
(20:57:45) (@psupreme) but putChar(' ') would work just as good
(20:57:47) (@hexellent) yea i chose the long way
(20:57:48) (@psupreme) without allocation/deallocation
(20:58:24) (@BriaN_90) yes
(20:58:41) (@psupreme) my display isnt really that optimal
(20:58:44) (@psupreme) because of the recursion
(20:59:31) (@BriaN_90) how about mine? :O
(20:59:44) (@psupreme) uncommented, hard to follow
(21:00:26) (@BriaN_90) yes :(
(21:00:43) (@psupreme) looks similar to mine though
(21:00:46) (@psupreme) without recursion
(21:01:04) (@psupreme) and your indenting is inconsistent
(21:01:05) (@BriaN_90) yes i don't get why u r using recursion
(21:01:07) (@psupreme) which IDE are you using
(21:01:13) (@psupreme) to avoid writing another for loop
(21:01:18) (@BriaN_90) visual studio
(21:01:27) (@BriaN_90) it's two spaces
(21:01:29) (@BriaN_90) my indent
(21:01:30) (@psupreme) are we all using visual studio 2010?
(21:01:45) (@psupreme) yeah, very small
(21:01:59) (@BriaN_90) the prof told us
(21:02:03) (@BriaN_90) to use 2 spaces
(21:02:04) (@BriaN_90) no more
(21:02:05) (@BriaN_90) no less
(21:02:06) (@BriaN_90) :D
(21:02:07) (@hexellent) fardad insisted that we use 2 spaces :o
(21:02:14) (@hexellent) I am used to 4
(21:02:21) (@psupreme) yeah
(21:02:23) (@psupreme) 4 is nice
(21:02:26) (@hexellent) I guess i didn’t listen to him and used 4 anyway lol
(21:02:34) (@psupreme) he didnt tell us to use 2
(21:02:45) (@hexellent) no my bad, i used two. lol
(21:02:50) (@BriaN_90) yes i also hate using 2 spaces
(21:03:21) (@psupreme) you used 4 for your display hexellent
(21:03:32) (@psupreme) anyway
(21:03:37) (@psupreme) so, have we decided?
(21:03:48) (@psupreme) My edit and jas1137's display?
(21:05:03) (@hexellent) I vote that we use a random one, and later we go through the code more thoroughly, and improve the code by taking more efficient bits of code out of others members in our team
(21:05:38) (@BriaN_90) yeah that's a good idea
(21:05:39) (@psupreme) hmm
(21:06:53) (@jas1137) uh
(21:07:00) (@jas1137) my display is pretty fast
(21:07:11) (@jas1137) I don't think you can improve it any more than what it is.
(21:07:25) (@BriaN_90) well as long as it doesn't have bugs in it
(21:07:26) (@BriaN_90) :P
(21:07:29) (@BriaN_90) we don't know it
(21:07:37) (@psupreme) hexellent, your edit has some bugs
(21:08:02) (@psupreme) it doesnt delete the copy when it exits the function
(21:08:29) (@psupreme) and you also set the pointer values to addresses only used inside the function
(21:09:51) (@hexellent) that’s only when NULLs are passed
(21:10:07) (@psupreme) yes, but you can also pass a NULL variable
(21:11:35) (@hexellent) yap
(21:11:44) (@hexellent) psupreme your code is kinda long
(21:11:47) (@psupreme) yes
(21:11:52) (@psupreme) but its very safe
(21:14:34) (@BriaN_90) ok guys
(21:14:41) (@BriaN_90) just pick whatever u want
(21:14:45) (@BriaN_90) after if we need
(21:14:52) (@BriaN_90) we will change it
(21:15:39) (@hexellent) jas1137, in your display, aren’t you supposed ot check if cols and rows are not out of range?
(21:16:21) (@psupreme) on the wiki
(21:16:23) (@psupreme) it states
(21:16:26) (@psupreme) "The results are undefined if the starting position of the string is not within the dimensions of the screen. "
(21:16:37) (@psupreme) http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Line_Editing_Facility_-_OOP344_20113
(21:17:02) (@psupreme) I was going to add it aswell, until I read that line
(21:17:16) (@psupreme) also, fardad said that his code checks for out of bounds
(21:17:20) (@psupreme) so yours doesnt have to
(21:17:21) (@psupreme) (he updated it)
(21:18:01) (@BriaN_90) he didn't say anything to us
(21:18:03) (@BriaN_90) no fair
(21:18:04) (@BriaN_90) lol
(21:18:10) (@psupreme) ah
(21:18:15) (@psupreme) look in the putChar function
(21:18:20) (@psupreme) you can see it there
(21:18:25) (@psupreme) Console& Console::putChar(char c) {
(21:18:26) (@psupreme) if(curRow>=0 && curCol >=0 && curRow < getRows() && curCol < getCols() ){ // prints the character only if it is on screen
(21:18:27) (@psupreme) ::addch(c);
(21:18:28) (@psupreme) setBufChar(c);
(21:18:29) (@psupreme) }
(21:18:30) (@psupreme) return *this;
(21:18:31) (@psupreme) }
(21:21:22) (@BriaN_90) where r we gonna meet on friday?
(21:21:30) (@psupreme) somewhere in the library?
(21:21:52) (@BriaN_90) i think that if we book a room
(21:21:54) (@BriaN_90) it's better
(21:22:05) (@BriaN_90) maybe we won't find a spot in the library
(21:22:17) (@psupreme) I never booked a room, not sure how to do it
(21:22:25) (@hexellent) I won’t be around on Friday, I have a job interview
(21:23:13) (@BriaN_90) i will book it
(21:24:54) (@BriaN_90) ok from 11.40 to 13.30
(21:24:58) (@BriaN_90) room 1132
(21:25:00) (@BriaN_90) ok?
(21:25:22) (@psupreme) yup
(21:25:32) (@jas1137) sounds good
(21:25:49) (@hexellent) have fun :)
(21:26:07) (@BriaN_90) lol
(21:27:28) (@psupreme) testing my edit and jas1137's display
(21:27:31) (@psupreme) they seem to work together well
(21:27:32) (@psupreme) no bugs
(21:28:11) (@BriaN_90) ok
(21:28:17) (@jas1137) :D
(21:28:51) (@psupreme) there's another field in the console.h edit function
(21:28:57) (@psupreme) ReadOnly
(21:29:34) (@BriaN_90) that's the one that he told us to add?
(21:29:43) (@psupreme) no
(21:29:48) (@psupreme) IsTextEditor
(21:29:50) (@psupreme) is there too
(21:30:20) (@psupreme) i already implimented IsTextEditor
(21:30:26) (@psupreme) but ReadOnly not yet
(21:30:40) (@BriaN_90) did he write somewhere about readonly?
(21:31:23) (@hexellent) .access
(21:31:23) (@while_bot) hexellent has Full access.
(21:31:28) (@hexellent) woohooo
(21:31:31) (@hexellent) .help
(21:31:41) (@psupreme) its okay
(21:31:44) (@psupreme) readonly is an easy fix
(21:31:54) (@hexellent) .poll
(21:31:54) (@while_bot) «!» .vote <number> to vote «!»]
(21:32:02) (@psupreme) 5
(21:32:06) (@psupreme) .vote -1
(21:32:12) (@BriaN_90) yes but i want to know what it is going to do
(21:32:15) (@jas1137) lol
(21:32:23) (@hexellent) .poll “what’s for breakfast” Nothing Eggs
(21:32:23) (@while_bot) [«!» POLL: “what’s «!» Vote: 1) for 2) breakfast” 3) Nothing 4) Eggs «!» .vote <number> to vote «!»]
(21:32:32) (@hexellent) double quotes doesnt’ work
(21:32:35) (@hexellent) “””
(21:32:36) (@hexellent) “”””
(21:32:41) (@psupreme) .vote 99
(21:32:42) (@hexellent) .poll stop
(21:32:42) (@while_bot) [«!» .poll: not enough parameters «!»]
(21:32:45) (@psupreme) .vote -1
(21:33:09) (@hexellent) .vote 1
(21:33:20) (@psupreme) readonly is not mentioned anywhere BriaN_90
(21:33:21) (@jas1137) .vote a
(21:33:27) (@psupreme) im just making it so that you can modify anything
(21:33:35) (@psupreme) cant press keys, cant delete, cant backspace
(21:34:05) - BriaN_90 changes topic to: Meeting on Friday October 14, 11.40 Room 1132
(21:34:36) (@BriaN_90) so it's the display lol
(21:34:41) (@BriaN_90) why should u need it
(21:34:42) (@BriaN_90) lol
(21:34:49) (@hexellent) .vote 15 "testing here" one two
(21:34:54) (@hexellent) .poll 15 "testing here" one two
(21:34:55) (@while_bot) [«!» POLL: 15 «!» Vote: 1) testing here 2) one 3) two «!» .vote <number> to vote «!»]
(21:35:08) (@hexellent) .poll "testing here" one two
(21:35:08) (@while_bot) [«!» POLL: testing here «!» Vote: 1) one 2) two «!» .vote <number> to vote «!»]
(21:35:09) (@jas1137) .vote a
(21:35:15) (@psupreme) .vote ?
(21:35:16) (@hexellent) .vote 1
(21:35:28) (@hexellent) .poll end
(21:35:28) (@while_bot) [«!» .poll: not enough parameters «!»]
(21:35:31) (@hexellent) .poll stop
(21:35:31) (@while_bot) [«!» .poll: not enough parameters «!»]
(21:35:35) (@psupreme) .vote 2
(21:35:40) (@jas1137) lol
(21:36:15) (@hexellent) .poll off
(21:36:15) (@while_bot) [«!» no votes been submited «!»]
(21:36:20) (@BriaN_90) .poll explode
(21:36:27) (@hexellent) .poll "testing here" one two
(21:36:28) (@while_bot) [«!» POLL: testing here «!» Vote: 1) one 2) two «!» .vote <number> to vote «!»]
(21:36:30) (@hexellent) 1
(21:36:38) (@hexellent) write 1 or 2
(21:36:39) (@BriaN_90) .vote 4
(21:36:42) (@jas1137) a
(21:36:43) (@jas1137) 3
(21:36:44) (@jas1137) 2
(21:36:48) (@hexellent) .poll off
(21:36:48) (@while_bot) [«!» no votes been submited «!»]
(21:36:51) (@hexellent) hmmmmm
(21:36:52) (@psupreme) .bot die
(21:36:56) (@jas1137) lol
(21:37:03) (@hexellent) .google-fight
(21:37:11) (@BriaN_90) .google seneca
(21:37:12) (@while_bot) [«!» Google «!» http://www.senecac.on.ca/ «!»]
(21:37:16) (@BriaN_90) yeah
(21:37:21) (@hexellent) .googlefight Pasquale vs Agron
(21:37:21) (@while_bot) [«!» GoogleFight! «!» waiting for opponent #2 «!»]
(21:37:24) (@hexellent) oops
(21:37:25) (@psupreme) .google hexellent
(21:37:32) (@hexellent) .googlefight Britney Spears
(21:37:32) (@while_bot) [«!» Pasquale vs Agron VS. Britney Spears «!»]
(21:37:47) (@BriaN_90) .goolefight off
(21:37:52) (@jas1137) so is this meeting over?
(21:37:52) (@BriaN_90) .googlefight off
(21:38:01) (@BriaN_90) yes i think yes