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About Me

7th Semester BSD Student

2011 Courses: DPS909 Open Source Programming & BTH740 Human Computer Interaction


Week 1

Pick one Closed and one Open license/eula, and read them from start to finish. Pick 3 things that struck you about them to present in class next time.

Apple Aperture License VS BSD License

The notable difference between a closed license (Aperture) and and open license (BSD) is distribution and modification of software.


  • not allowed to copy, decompile, modify, reverse engineer etc
  • can only make one (1) backup copy for personal use
  • only one copy must be in use at all times (not allowed to share with others eg. in a household)


  • you can modify and distribute the software as long as you provide a notice stating that the software is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties