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Kiu Kwan Leung - Computer Engineer/Software Developer


I am going to graduate from Seneca College's Bechelor of Software Development(BSD) degree. My aim is to secure a position in the IT/software development industry that will allow me to contribute my technical skills and experience.


Proven experience in the software engineering field Hardworking and dedicated to tasks Proficient in C/C++, Java SE/EE, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, UML Knowledgable about how processors, cache and memory work Also experienced in academic research, teaching and public speech/presentation


Ryerson course COE808; Programming Languages; Winter 2007.

Learnt design of modern programming languages, the software compilation process, direct and indirect pointers as well as the content of a C program stack entry.

Ryerson course COE818; Advanced Computer Architecture; Winter 2007.

Learnt performance optimization techniques of modern processors such as branch prediction, score board, out-of-order execution, register renaming, vector processors and very long instruction word (VLIW) processors.

Seneca course BTC240; Interpersonal Communication in Organizations; Winter 2010.

Learnt techniques for attentive listening, purposeful body language, and careful speaking. Devleoped practical application of the theoretical principles learnt through a series of role plays, individual and team assignments.

Seneca course BTC340; Business Presentations; Fall 2010.

Learnt skills for solo and team presentations; Microsoft PowerPoint planning and preparation techniques as well as human psychology to handle stress caused by public speech.

Seneca course BTI420; Web Programming on Windows; Winter 2011.

Learnt how to create dynamic web applications with ASP.NET programming technologies and the C# language. The course also prepared Kiu Kwan to make use of the ADO.NET entity framework and to build restful web service client programs with the C# programming language.

Red Hat internship; Summer co-op software engineer; Summer 2011.

Acquired knowledge/experiences such as: working in a real workplace; working with the open source software community; Eclipse plugin/Java OSGi programming; collaborating with teammembers scattered around the globe.