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Processing.js increases accessibility of visualizations on the web

Daniel Hodgin

Thesis Statement


How successful have Processing.js and the HTML <audio> tag been at breaking down the accessibility barriers to creating visual and audible representations on the web?

Refined thesis

How successful have two recent audio-visual developments been at breaking down accessibility barriers on the web?


Processing, Processing.js, Digital, Media, HTML5, Canvas, Visual, Animation, Audio


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Research Notes


Begin with background on processing project and language Casey Reas, and Ben Fry

talk about processing.js port and purpose, processing.js panel, and meeting with Resig and Fry

talk about audio background and work that's been done by Dave, Corban, Yuri, etc.

discuss advantages of no plugins as compared to java or adobe flash and audio plugins

Discuss examples

Processing language in introduction to computer science honors. Processing.js used in teaching several courses in science, physics, design, digital art

Daniel Shiffman video points

WebGL component and examples

Audio component and examples

combinations of processing.js, audio, cubicVR, and webgl in projects

Mozilla ties to the projects

give examples of usage around the web in totally unrelated projects to Seneca or Mozilla

Big companies and others usage examples

IBM facebook, Mozilla fotn project, University teaching, Arcade Fire - wilderness downtown

My observations

observations about these examples and their impacts. discuss interviews and testimonials

Testimonials and interviews



source this into bibliography later: