Testing Mozilla Linux/Runtime Requirements

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Project Name

Testing Mozilla Linux/Runtime Requirements

Project Description

Mozilla is in the process of finalizing a set of Linux library and runtime requirements for distributions wanting to ship Mozilla software. This project will test various bugs against two different sets of runtime setups, hoping to expose any issues with the new requirements.

Project Leader(s)

  • Kiranjeet Kaur Beniwal (Kiran)

Project Contributor(s)

  • Chris Tyler
  • David Humphrey

Project Details

Testing of the current (RHEL5) and proposed runtime setups will be done using VMs on Hera. The initial list of bugs for testing against is available here.

All bugs will be tested on the two reference runtimes, and information about each bug's behaviour will be recorded (e.g., fixed/improved/changed with the new ref platform). Bugs that are resolved by the new reference VM will be marked WORKSFORME, as requested by Mike Connor. The rest of the bugs will have a comment added, indicating that the bug is still present on modern platforms.

For testing purposes, the most recent alpha will be used, currently alpha 5.

Two Reference Runtimes

1.CentOS 5

2.Fedora 3

WORKFORME (Fedora and CentOS) means bug has been fixed for both.

NOT FIXED - Bug has not been fixed.

NEEDINFO (Fedora and CentOS)- Need more information to reproduce the bug.

Some bugs has different results for both fedora and CentOS and links for both of them are given below:

List of Bugs(CentOS 5 and Fedora3)

Bug ID: Status DETAIL

190778 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) [gtk2] Assumes font sizes are integers, they are not

205430 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) Consider caching the result of searches for missing glyphs

After clicking the following URL the browser did not frozen while memory usage soars


243146 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) Very slow painting of background 8-bit-alpha png

244506 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) scrolling sluggish on page with fixed background under X11

261447 NEEDINFO when rendering arabic with pango and justification, glyphs are all wrong

No steps to reproduce are given.Test on some arabic websites but glyphs look fine there.Maybe this bug has been fixed.

323562 NEEDINFO Should find Xrender, freetype2, fontconfig using pkg-config

Not enough information provided to reproduce the bug

323671 NEEDINFO must link to pangox

323947 NEEDINFO Remove thebes link-time dependency on libGL (with glitz enabled)

328516 NEEDINFO Get AIX building with Cairo turned on.

This bug is on OS AIX

329338 "BenchJS" DHTML benchmark 50% slower with linux cairo build

need to run more test

333126 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) Bold/Italic text isn't displayed as bold/italic with cairo-gtk2 build if the font is synthesis font

333252 NEEDINFO "Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_get_origin: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed" on startup

NOT enough info provided to reproduce

333970 NEEDINFO Text sized in pts different size in cairo vs. non-cairo

Testcase coming.

NOT FIXED(On Fedora)



334411 NEEDINFO Implement paint flashing in cairo builds

340742 NEEDINFO crash on startup of my linux trunk build (on scrapper over vnc)

342207 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) pt sized fonts wrong when px to twip rounding error causes DPI error

Enter display size settings in xorg.conf file And tested on firefox, nothing happened so this bug does not exist.

343091 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) images sometimes render checkered (from transparency) and then solid white

Click on the link below:-

rendering the png image page properly

In the above png image sky looks same in the Microsoft Internet Explorer because windows does not support variable transparency but this problem has been fixed in firefox because it supports png transparency.

349406 NOT FIXED(Fedora and CentOS) PNG gets cropped or disappears if it reaches a specific size

Click on the link below

PNG file gets cropped do not see the border on the bottom

349838 WORKFORME(Fedora and Centos) Blank or partial display of stand-alone png images

Click on the link below

Firefox display the image in full

351135 NEEDINFO gfxTextRuns should not take nsAC?String

NEED more info to reproduce. I will try again to test it.

362041 WORKFORME(CentOs) Consider tiling 1-bit-alpha image using cairo_mask in some cases NOT FIXED (On Fedora)Check the following Link Test

365680 NOT FIXED [GTK] Acid 2 is broken because we pick bitmap fonts

I think this bug exists but not sure. Click on the link below:

Acid 2 is broken

367553 NEEDINFO add linux support to font selection test

Need more information to reproduce the bug

368996 NOT FIXED (Fedora and Centos) Arabic letters sometimes not connected on Linux Cairo builds

Click on the links below:-

Arabic letters displays correctly

Arabic letters display in isolated forms

Arabic letters display correctly So Arabic letters sometimes display correctly and sometimes in isolated forms.

370045 WORKFORME(CEntOS) ENABLE_XFT_FAST_PATH_ALWAYS does not works with cyrillic content

Type the following line in the URl

data:text/html,<html lang=ru><META http-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=KOI8-R"><body>%D0</body></html> It shows Cyrillic P letter "П" instead of empty rectangle equals glyph->index=0 so this bug does not exist anymore NOT FIXED(on Fedora) Click On the link below:-

I see letter 'a' instead of 'pie'

370441 NEEDINFO OOM [@ GetMissingGlyphString] (allocation in pango_glyph_string_set_size)

Need information to reproduce the bug.

371867 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) Severe performance regression on FAA flight status page

371892 WORKFORME(Fedora and Centos) Cairo image scaling significantly slower with some Render versions I think this bug has been fixed browser does not hang by moving other windows around.(test again)

377126 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) Intra-word spaces seen in pages containing telugu text.

No more intra-word spaces seen in pages contaning telugu text.

377128 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) Formatting with bold option doesn't seem to work for pages with Tamil and Gujarati content. The headers of news are in bold text so this is fixed.

377130 NOT FIXED(Fedora and CentOS) Some characters missing in pages containing Malayalam and Gujarati content

Click on the links below:

Some characters are missing(in the form of specfic symbols on Malayalam language website

Some characters are missing(in the form of specific symbols on Gujrati language website

377133 WORKFORME(Centos) No fonts visible in pages containg hindi text (not even in special symbols)

NOT Fixed(On Fedora)

Click on the following link:

All hindi text is visible

378436 NEEDINFO Segfault when exiting FF

379430 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) Print preview hangs X

381272 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOs) Crash on loading svg image

Firefox does not crash on loading of svg image.

381967 NOT FIXED(Fedora and CentOs) properly Indic languages are not rendering when set sans-serif as defualt font starts rendering only some languages

Some languages are rendering properly but some don't.

Click on the following links:

Glyph Boxes

Glyph boxes

Glyph boxes

382418 NOT FIXED(Fedora and CentOs-NOT SURE)Bad font spacing.


383479 NEEDINFO Combobox dropdown scrollbar width no longer matches dropmarker width

After loading the bug page and when clicked on component, there was no combobox. Information incomplete

384387 NEEDINFO Documentation for gfxMatrix::Scale seems to be wrong

No steps to reproduce

384441 not sure Font cache not empty at shutdown when loading page in URL field test again

384606 NOT FIXED Random coloured dots at the edge of images in DHTML tree control

After downloading the test case random colored dots still can be seen at the edge of images in DHTML tree.


385263 NEEDINFO pango] we call FT_Open_Face twice per font No steps to reproduce the bug.

385327 Not fixed(Fedora and CentOS) properly Text not rendered correctly if lang is missing or incorrect

Urdu language with correct lang property

Urdu language with incorrect lang property

Urdu language with no lang propertyslow textarea scrolling

385516 NEEDINFO Console is spewed with WARNING: empty langgroup

386072 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) slow textarea scrolling

Scrolling is fast after entering lots of text in the textarea

386440 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) Cairo image scaling/composite significantly slower on Linux.

Click the following link:

Page does not finished after scrolling of 1 or 2 minutes

386567 NEEDINFO Reftests bidi/bidi-004.html and bidi/bidi-004-j.html failing on Linux

  Need steps to reproduce the bug.

391285 crash [@ _get_bitmap_surface] displaying Bugzilla pages in "Gnu Unifont Mono" font

need to work on

NOT FIXED(On Fedora) Check it

392934 NOT A BUG Linux XAA accel not useful for Render tracking bug

This is not a mozilla bug, but is a tracking bug for other bugs (usually performance bugs) that are fixed by selectively disabling XAA acceleration. The most common fix is adding:

 Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"

into the xorg.conf device section.

396726 WORKFORME Serious performance regression in dealing with binary-data-as-text document

[Attachment has been removed but I tested with <iframe width="100%" height="100%"> this tag, no slow rendering and painting ]

NOT Fixed (On Fedora)

click on the Link Below:

[Attachment has been removed but I tested with <iframe width="100%" height="100%"> this tag, no slow rendering and painting ]

397031 NEEDINFO Crash @ BuildTextRunsScanner::BuildTextRunForFrames

397303 Thebes rendering of inset/outset borders very slow

Work on

397320 WORKFORME Setting opacity on div-surrounding-img significantly slower than on img

NOT Fixed(On Fedora):

click on the link below: both images has same effect, setting opacity is not slower none of images.

opacity on img

opacity on div

397860 WORKFORME SIL Graphite causes problems (Debian, pango-graphite, double width of spaces) NOT Fixed(On Fedora) all the space characters were not double wide

398318 NOT FIXED(ON Fedora) SIL Graphite causes problems (Debian, pango-graphite, double width of spaces)

The URL of this bug got clipped in Mail.

load the page and check work on CentOs

385258 Bug for seamonkey wrong, serif font, used as fall back for GUI when having an aliased font defined as standard in KDE (e.g. "Sans Serif" on openSuSE)

386798 NOT FIXED(CentOs) crash [@ libthebes.so + 0x4352e] [@ libsuitetypeaheadfind.so + 0x86ea] during Find As You Type

Open the following URL

[http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%A9n%C3%A9alogie_g%C3%A9n%C3%A9rale_des_Cap%C3%A9tiens Hit / Type "Amboise" (without the quotes) Firefox crashes at some point while typing the search key]


343091 WORKFORME(Fedora and CentOS) images sometimes render checkered (from transparency) and then solid white

Image renders properly when I load the page even after reloading it works perfectly

376083 NEEDINFO build failure with --enable-glitz

383386 NOT SURE Regression test for bug 359869 fails on Mac

Mac's bug and no steps to reproduce the bug

365680 NOT FIXED [GTK] Acid 2 is broken because we pick bitmap fonts



[GTK] Acid2 is broken after opening the screenshot

398865 WORKFORME(Fedora) font-family with results in poorly positioned punctuation

398899 NOT FIXED Bold characters garbled in some fonts from ttf-freefont

Click the following link:


399274 WORKFORME(Fedora) Missing glyphs for small codepoints as a result of bug 362682

Project News

  • June 13, 2007 - Created project page, got permissions for use of Linux14 on hera.