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Test File Format

  • The test files will consist of a comment section followed by the .vtt information.
  • The comment section will be denoted by the start tag /* and then end tag */
  • The WebVTT file will start on the line immediately after */


This tests to make sure that a Cue Component class can be resolved with the [cue component].[subclass] notation. 
This test should pass.

00:11.000 --> 00:13.000
<u.class.subclass>Hey this is a test!</u>

Test File Naming Scheme

  • The file names will follow the standard of tc[Group Number]###-[Short Information].test. The short information block should be all lower case separated by _.
  • This will give the possibility of each group being able to create 1000 test cases. We won't want that many but one group might go over one hundred tests so we need that extra digit.



Changes to the Build system

When you run make check-js it will first run the strip-vtt.py script which will create the directory webvtt/objdir/. Inside objdir will be all the ripped vtt files placed into a directory structure that is the mirror of the webvtt/test directory. It will then run the run-tests-js.py.

Known Failures

If your test file passes or fails when it is not supposed to, add the file to the known-good or known-bad directory (currently under development). Ensure that the file follows the specification before doing so.

Current Issues

  • the parser does not accept the following escape characters: &nbsp; &lrm; &rlm;