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Physics Framework

Barebones Packages (The files you need to copy into your working copy, see here for integration instructions), pick one 
* Physics Simulator and Collision Detector
* Physics Simulator Only
* Collision Detector Only
Full Reference Implementation Example 
* Download here

Integration Guides

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      25%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 75% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%

Repository Path

new path: svn://

old path: svn://

Trunk Status

committed by Hasan

Physics Framework Guide and Reference

A detailed guide and reference for the physics framework is available here.


UPDATE: Mar. 24, Physics Beta 0.2 Released

Version Beta0.2 of the physics framework is released! Please email me to get it :)
I'm willing to help anyone integrate the physics framework into their game so again, feel free to contact me.

--Hasan 'northWind'

UPDATE: Jan. 20, Big move

Moved just about everything from the old repo to the new repo. Commit history was lost during the move but... oh well, won't be missed.

--Hasan 'northWind'

UPDATE: Nov. 5, Importing meshes from a file now ready

Mesh importing has now been implemented through the CreateMesh() method. To use it, #include "iMesh.h" and call CreateMesh("filename.obj", Colour somecolour);

CreateMesh: This function creates and returns the address of a new iObject object (in reality a Mesh object, descending from Object). The model file is expected to reside in resources/models (resources resides in the same directory as 15-Controller). Like other objects, set the Colour to whatever you want to multiply the model's texture by that colour.

--Hasan 'northWind'

Team Members

Last Name First Name Seneca Username Blog Url IRC Nick Phone Number
Hughes Joseph jphughes - CloudScorpion -
Kamal-Al-Deen Hasan hkamal-al-deen The Orbital Station northWind 416NUMNUMNUM909NUMNUMNUM7925

Email All



In response to the proposal assignment in-class, this memo outlines our plans to create a 3D game for GAM666.

Proposed Plan

Our game is going to be a ball rolling through a maze. The point of view will be third person perspective as if the camera is following the ball. The entire level will propel the balls movement by “tilting” the level and simulating gravity. The objective will be to successfully roll the ball to the target while using visual cues (objects) to keep track of where the ball has been. Various obstacles may hinder the balls success.

Feasibility of Project

Our group has looked at this project quite carefully and we think it's feasible because:

  • We will be building on the existing framework provided by Chris Szalwinski.
  • The first milestone should be relatively easy to achieve (having a ball rolling in a hall/room).
  • Once we have achieved the first milestone, there will be plenty of oportunity for each team member to make further contributions and increase the complexity of the game.
  • Having an idea which is initially simplistic and builds in complexity will allow our team to ensure a polished look and playability.


Goal Team Member Status
Mirror Surfaces - UNASSIGNED
Particle Systems - UNASSIGNED
OBJ Model Importer - UNASSIGNED

Preview Images


Map of the World of the Game

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Team Schedule


Project Requirements


Wed, Sept 29 @ 9:00pm in Freenode, /join #seneca-students