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msaul: This is where we communicate with each other, and give comments or concerns to help update the "page" area to build this resource.

Please add something! (I'm so lonely all by myself in cyberspace...)

denny: Hi Murray, could you send the powerpoint from our first meeting to,,, Thanks.

msaul: Done. Under "Project Member Contribution" section at bottom of main WIKI...

adam: Murray, could you please define the acronym KIT found on page 4 of the Westminster System Analysis Information Gathering document

msaul: Adam, KIT refers to "Keeping in Touch", it was a pamphlet, but now is basically replaced by a newsletter that is sent out via e-mail to keep members informed. I suspect it is also generated in hardcopy for those that don't have a computer, and hand-delivered by volunteers. A program called "Constant Contact" is used to send this newsletter to e-mail recipients...

Here is a link to a screen capture for an example: