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* The entire webpage has to look professional.
* There will be a graded progress report in week 10, so don't leave it till later.
= Scripting =
This is not a Digital Media Arts course so the requirements are not nearly as stringent, but doing this step will help you get verything else done on time.
You're selling a product. This could be something that exists already or something that's being built. It could be one of your projects or someone else's. I don't much care about the product you're selling - I care about how well you sell it. So pick any project you're interested in (that you know stuff about). Please do not pick and existing product and parrot its existing commercial. If you want to use existing material like that - ask me first, I may allow it.
Write a script for how the infomercial will flow. There should be at least 15 minutes of talking and a some of minutes of closeups, "live" demos, etc. Try not to make the whole thing longer than 25 minutes.
If you feel you can do a good job without a script - go ahead, but that will be quite hard for most people unless they're experienced in sales.
= Filming =

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