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* Filming has to be done using a camera on a tripod, so a cellphone will not work, and a point-and-shoot camera may or may not work. If you don't have access to this equipment - I can lend you mine, but we have to arrange it well in advance.
* You'll have to film an entire lecture be filming yourselves and though the quality will matter, so - you can try as many times as you might want to do a couple of test runs firstlike and assemble the best pieces.* In the first week of class after break week you will You don't have a guest speaker talk to you worry about Popcorn.js and maybe PopcornMaker (doing it exactly right the latter may or may not be useful first time for you)this assignment.* You'll need to make a video of a reasonable size (that can be streamed over a typical residential internet connection).
* You'll need that video to play in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
* The entire webpage has to look professional.
 That will give you plenty of study and preparation work for the study week. * There will be a graded progress report in week 10, so don't leave it till later.
= Filming =

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