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Parallel Linear Programmers

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# The first step is to find and use a reliable source code for simplex algorthim, in order to use it for linear programming problems. SoPlex is one the famous and reliable Open source LP Solvers in C++ Language. (Since SoPlex source code is so complicated to modify in order to use it as a DEA solver, we decided to you the opensource from
<s># Next step is to learn how to work with Soplex. The following link shows an example of using SoPlex:</s>
<s># After that, we are trying to understand the Revised Simplex method which is used by SoPlex and we will see how to modify it to solve a simple Multi-Criteria Decision Making problem with using DEA method. </s> Because DEA method has various models and it has been developed and expanded so much since 1980's, we will work on Input Oriented CCR model as a starting point.

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