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'''Jose Rainulf PinedaNatesh Mayuranathan''' is a [ Seneca College School of Computer Studies] Student, currently in his fifth semester and anticipating his first co-op workterm. He just finished his 2nd Workterm in CPACNatesh's programming interests include network programming, web development, and artificial intelligence. He is currently on his 5th Semesterespecially interested in academic and enterprise applications of software. He does Web development (xHTML, PHP+mySQL, Javascript) or C/C++ on In his free spare time. He also watches , Natesh is a member of the [ Confidently Speaking Toastmasters] or readclub, enjoys playing [http Settlers of Catan], and reading about politics and science.
== Current courses ==
<h4>NET605 - Security Considerations For Data Communications </h4>
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<i>Further information: [ NET605]</i>
<h4>PRJ566 - Project Planning and Management </h4>
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<i>Further information: [ PRJ566]</i>
<h4>UNX511 - Unix Systems Programming </h4>
<h4>EJB605 DBW524 - EJB Architecture And J2EE Introduction to Data Warehousing </h4><dl style="margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-top:0.2em;line-height:1.5em;"><dd><i>Further information: [ DBW524]</i></dl> <h4>JAC444 - Introduction to Java for C++ Programmers </h4>
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<i>Further information: [ EJB605jac444 JAC444]</i>
<i>Further information: [ DSA555]</i>
== External links ==<ulh4>EAC725 - The Graphic Novel <li/h4>[https<dl style="margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-top:0.2em;line-height:// Rainulf's website]5em;"></lidd><lii>Further information: [ Rainulf's Twitter083/common/EAC725.htm EAC725]</lii></uldl>

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