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XULRunner Guide

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:* Guided us on where to find certain information.
:* Also gave us hints on what to put in the XR Guide Outline
:* [ Essay Writing]
== Project Details ==
'''December 10, 2006 by mylau'''
I added some of the minor details [[User: elichak | elichak]] mentioned in the [[Talk:How_to_do_a_Hello_World_application_using_XULRunner | Hello World discussion]]. She helped find a lot of the little mistakes that I would have never found. Just to note one thing she mentionied, posting bat files which creates the directory tree automatically, this won't be a good idea for the guide. The main reason is that bat files are Window's specific. Until someone creates a script which auto-creates directories for Linux and Mac, I won't put the bat file but thanks for the help.[ Dissertation Help]
'''December 9, 2006 by mylau'''
Today I found a really good link for [ Deubbing XULRunner applications]. I also finally finished the debugging XULRunner part of the guide. Looks like the guide is in good shape for the deliverable that will be sent to [[User:David.humphrey | David Humphrey]]. All that needs to be done which is mandatory is putting the information in the wiki into PDF which [[User:Cbguy1| Cbguy1]] said would do.[ Dissertation Proposal]
Other things I worked on:

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