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Basics : Webinars

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|title= OSGi for Eclipse Developersn - Talk by Chris Aniszczyk, Eclipse Source - Sept 2009
|descr= * Eclipse developer, you should be aware that the Eclipse runtime (Equinox) since version 3.0 has been built on top OSGi and you have been
ask me to restart every time I install something? * What's up with OSGi services, how do they compare to extensions widely used in Eclipse?
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|title= Distributed OSGi in the Eclipse Runtime Project
- Talk by Scott Lewis, EclipseSource - Sept 2009
|descr= * As part of the OSGi 4.2 specification, there is a new spec (RFC119) intended to standardize the distribution and network discovery of OSGi
services. The ECF project ( has implemented the latest available draft and this is included in the
Galileo release. * Scott will present his open source, open protocol, open provider approach to implementing this spec, show example applications
and discuss how others may extend and/or replace the implementation. * He'll also touch on some basic issues of distributed services, such as
network transparency and 'leaky' abstractions like synchronous remote
procedure call (RPC).

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