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Basics : Webinars

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|title= OSGi for Eclipse Developersn - Talk by Chris Aniszczyk, Eclipse Source - Sept 2009
|descr= * Eclipse developer, you should be aware that the Eclipse runtime (Equinox) since version 3.0 has been built on top OSGi and you have been
writing OSGi bundles. The goal of this talk is to introduce the Eclipse developer to "OSGi-isms" and to answer some of these questions: *
What's the difference between an Eclipse plug-in and an OSGi bundle? * Is there more than Require-Bundle? Why do all the OSGi guys scream about Import-Package? * If OSGi is truly dynamic, why does Eclipse
ask me to restart every time I install something? * What's up with OSGi services, how do they compare to extensions widely used in Eclipse?

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