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Team Recompile IRC Logs 20103 - OOP344

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[21:35] <@fardad> ok?
21:00] == YDean1 [ae7140db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #seneca-recompile
[21:01] <_Rainulf> hey
[21:01] <_Rainulf> hold on
[21:01] <YDean1> yo
[21:01] <_Rainulf> fardad will come in a sec
[21:01] <_Rainulf> join #seneca-oop344
[21:01] <_Rainulf> YDean1: /join #seneca-oop344
[21:31] <tjcatibog> what's the earliest both of you are free on wednesday evening?
[21:31] <_Rainulf> anytime's good on evening
[21:37] <tjcatibog> I don't know how, but fardad always manages to direct a conversation to me exactly when I switch windows
[21:37] <_Rainulf> lol
[21:37] <_Rainulf> u're using chatzilla?
[21:37] <tjcatibog> yeah
[21:38] <_Rainulf> hmm.. must be a feature.. i havent really tried it
[21:38] <tjcatibog> that, and firefox froze for a few seconds
[21:38] <tjcatibog> so I was unable to respond
[21:39] <_Rainulf> lol so thats why
[21:40] <tjcatibog> are you both ok with our next meeting on wednesday evening at 7 pm?
[21:40] <_Rainulf> hmm
[21:40] <_Rainulf> yeh, im good
[21:40] <tjcatibog> YDean1: ?
[21:40] <YDean1> what up
[21:41] <YDean1> just updating the log
[21:41] <tjcatibog> are you ok with having a meeting on wednesday evening at 7 pm?
[21:41] <YDean1> this wednesday im not going to be available
[21:42] <YDean1> but every other wednesday should be fine though
[21:43] <tjcatibog> should we have it on thursday instead?
[21:43] <_Rainulf> im good
[21:43] <YDean1> yah thats good
[21:44] <YDean1> thursday 7?
[21:45] <tjcatibog> yeah
[21:45] <_Rainulf> ok im good with that

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