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Team Recompile IRC Logs 20103 - OOP344

4,824 bytes added, 21:01, 18 November 2010
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[21:45] <_Rainulf> ok im good with that
<h3>Meeting with Fardad Nov 18 , 2010</h3>
[19:30] <_Rainulf> fardad_: we're ready
[19:30] <fardad_> ok
[19:30] <fardad_> give me sec
[19:30] <_Rainulf> oki
[19:31] <fardad_> coffee problem on keyboard\
[19:31] <_Rainulf> that sucks.. lol
[19:31] <danielSays> :/
[19:32] <jrobinson7> o dear lol
[19:33] <daleee> hm i have the borders drawing but they arent moving
[19:33] <_Rainulf> right and down keys?
[19:33] <daleee> nothing
[19:33] <daleee> my absRow must be broken
[19:33] <_Rainulf> yeh
[19:33] <danielSays> ?
[19:33] <daleee> cuz i re-wrote it
[19:33] <daleee> a little
[19:33] <danielSays> ooo
[19:34] <fardad_> recompile, I am back
[19:34] <danielSays> the way i wrote it is sorta recursive
[19:34] <danielSays> if u noticed
[19:34] <_Rainulf> fardad_: cools
[19:34] <daleee> danielSays: i wrote it the same way
[19:34] <daleee> ill bbl though
[19:34] <danielSays> ok
[19:34] <daleee> gonna hower
[19:34] <danielSays> same
[19:34] <_Rainulf> tjcatibog, YDean1: pingy
[19:34] <danielSays> afk 10 min
[19:34] <YDean1> here
[19:34] <tjcatibog> fardad: here
[19:34] <tjcatibog> err _Rainulf : here
[19:35] <fardad_> goody
[19:35] <tjcatibog> lol
[19:35] <fardad_> _Rainulf: you are still working on border then ha?
[19:35] <_Rainulf> im done
[19:35] <fardad_> oh ok
[19:35] <pbrown9> daleee: I have a game for you to play.
[19:36] <fardad_> tjcatibog: you gotta start Dialog ok?
[19:36] <tjcatibog> sure
[19:36] <the_wonderer> fardad : how is it going ?
[19:36] <fardad_> the_wonderer: sorry in a meeting
[19:36] <YDean1> i've already started dialog
[19:36] <the_wonderer> np
[19:36] <YDean1> and field
[19:36] <fardad_> ok cool
[19:37] <YDean1> need some help though
[19:37] <fardad_> how about Field? any started that?
[19:37] <fardad_> YDean1: can't do both
[19:37] <YDean1> ok
[19:37] <_Rainulf> fardad_: yeh, i did a bit of field too lol
[19:37] <YDean1> lol
[19:38] <fardad_> guys, don't do slopy work
[19:38] <fardad_> be organized
[19:38] <_Rainulf> alirety
[19:38] <fardad_> listen
[19:39] <fardad_> merge the work you have already done
[19:39] <fardad_> and pick a class and start doing it
[19:39] <fardad_> but
[19:39] <fardad_> the sequence of things being done are as follows
[19:40] <fardad_> 1- Border
[19:40] <fardad_> 2-Dialog
[19:40] <fardad_> 2-Field
[19:41] <fardad_> 3- Lable, Button,lineedit text
[19:41] <fardad_> 4-check , valedit
[19:43] <fardad_> tjcatibog: could you start Field
[19:43] <tjcatibog> sure
[19:43] <fardad_> and be fast cause everything depends on that
[19:43] <fardad_> if any help needed let me know
[19:44] <tjcatibog> going through the spec now. if I have any questions I'll be sure to ask
[19:44] <fardad_> ok you guys have any questions for now?
[19:44] <YDean1> can i use fwfield without creating a derived class for it?
[19:44] <fardad_> YDean1: what do you mean by that?
[19:44] <fardad_> implementing Dialog?
[19:45] <YDean1> ya
[19:45] <fardad_> Dialog only deals with Field and nothing but that
[19:46] <fardad_> you can't test dialog though untile at least label is done
[19:46] <YDean1> ok
[19:46] <fardad_> label is pretty easy, as soon as tjcatibog is done with field, you can do it in 3 mins
[19:46] <fardad_> sorry 30 mins I meant
[19:46] <_Rainulf> lol
[19:48] <fardad_> ok any thing else?
[19:48] <_Rainulf> fardad_: theres just one thing i want to clarify about absRow and absCol
[19:48] <fardad_> _Rainulf: gp ajead
[19:48] <fardad_> he he ahead
[19:49] <_Rainulf> i got everything and working properly with the tester.. but the way i did it was probably different than required.. i basically added the values of this object and _container
[19:49] <_Rainulf> but if the _container contains another container
[19:49] <_Rainulf> then im guessing i should also the values of that
[19:50] == danielSays [~chatzilla@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[19:50] <_Rainulf> s/than/from
[19:50] <_Rainulf> grammar
[19:50] <fardad_> ok, let me write a little pseudo for you
[19:51] <_Rainulf> alrite
[19:54] <fardad_> this is what you need to do to find the right value for absrow or abscol
[19:54] <fardad_>
[19:54] <_Rainulf> got it
[19:55] <fardad_> ok anything else?
[19:55] <_Rainulf> none from me
[19:55] <YDean1> no
[19:56] <tjcatibog> one
[19:56] <tjcatibog> when does field need to be done by?
[19:57] <fardad_> well, asap
[19:58] <fardad_> do the best you can cause everthing is based on field
[19:58] <fardad_> it is pretty simple actually
[19:58] <fardad_> let me see
[19:58] <tjcatibog> yeah it seems simple enough, I was just curious
[19:59] <fardad_> tjcatibog: Field is about 20 lines of code....
[19:59] <fardad_> just go throught the desc, and if any problem let me know

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