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* GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO images
* HTTP 1.1
=Sample Code=
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css" ?>
<window xmlns=""
align="center" pack="center">
<description>Is XUL cool or what?</description>
<radio id="yes" selected="true" label="Yes!"/>
<radio id="no" label="No wai"/>
<button id="dpsbutton" label="DPS909 is fun" />
Paste the above sample code inside your favourite editor and save it with a file extension of .XUL. Open the file in a Mozilla-based browser to view it.
* '''Line 1:''' Declares that it is an XML file
* '''Line 2:''' Used to reference the stylesheets. In this case, the global/skin chrome directories' default global.css file is used. global.css is used to declare all of the XUL elements.
* '''Line 3:''' Describes a new window to be drawn, using the namespace All children of this window are XUL.
* '''Line 5:''' Description tag is like a label, but can wrap many lines.
* '''Lines 6-9:''' Describes a radio button group.
* '''Line 10:''' Draws a button.
=Example Applications=

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