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=== Step 1 - Installing TortoiseSVN ===
Easiest of the steps, you don't even need google, I'll do that for ya. Click here[] for the 32 bit version, and here[] for the 64 bit version. Not sure which you want? Go for the 32 bit version, its a safer bet.
<br />After downloading it, double click the install file. It is easiest to go with the default, so just click Next like a madman until it finishes. Bam, you are done step one. === Step 2 - The Checkout ===Ok, magic time. Make a folder somewhere in your computer where you want to store your group's source code. Go into the folder and right-click anywhere in it, and click SVN Checkout. A window will pop up, at the top you will see "URL of Repository" fill that bar with the location of your repository. Don't know what it is? Check your learn account, fardad or your group leader is likely to have sent it to you, along with your very own user id and password. Once you filled in the URL, leave the rest at the default, you won't need it for now. Click that OK button. Now you want that UserID and password, punch them in and your gold. It should then load in all the files from your repository into your local folder, once its done, your done step 2. Money. === Step 3 - Get some work done ===Now that you have a local copy of the source code, the real magic begins. First I'll give a quick explaination those funny icons all over the place. The green check mark means the code has not been changed and is the same as it was when you pulled it out of the repository.

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