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Step 3 - Get some work done
=== Step 3 - Get some work done ===
Now that you have a local copy of the source code, the real magic begins. First I'll give a quick explaination explanation those funny icons all over the place. The green check mark means the code has not been changed and is the same as it was when you pulled it out of the repository. The red exclamation icon means you have changed the data and that it no longer matches whats in the repository, this is not a problem obviously, unless of course you don't commit it when your done, then complications can arise. You may also see a gray bar, this means one of your group members has set that file or folder to not get updated when the code is committed, usually because it is unimportant junk like the debug file.<br /> OK moving on. Every time you go to do some work on the code, first goto the outermost folder of your repository data and right-click on it, click SVN Update. This will get the most recent batch of source code from the repository so that you don't end up having conflicts when you goto commit. Once you've done that, you are free to start working.

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