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Profile the build system

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October 2008
== Project News / Updates ==
=== October 2008 ===
<i>10/20/2008 -</i>
* Redo Pie Chart
** Used all 10 Rebuild Data
* Changed the app to generate better extractions from logs
<i>10/17/2008 -</i>
* Finished making app to extract times from log
** App breaks down log into 3 files
* Adding times up for amount spent in each level 1 directory
* Created diagram to illustrate time breakdown
<i>10/15/2008 -</i>
* Creating app to extract time from log
* Timing the build multiple times for both scratch and rebuilds (aiming for 10 builds each)
<i>10/13/2008 -</i>
* Timed time spent in each directory
* Working on extracting the data from log
<i>10/02/2008 -</i>
* Talked with Ted, guided me to look into
* Continuing testing for timing the build

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