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Profile the build system

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September 2008
=== September 2008 ===
<i>09/30/2008 -</i>
* Looked through many files and still haven't found where code for timing can go
* Suspect most options don't affect build speed, except -j and optimize
<i>09/25/2008 -</i>
* After couple more testing with the build options, starting to notice they don't make a big difference
<i>09/18/2008 -</i>
* Use time command to time build time
** ie. time make -f build
* Start collecting data
<i>09/17/2008 -</i>
* Built the first time in 1h 20m
* Rebuilt second time in 35m with all apps off
** Understand what each part of the build is taking
** Collect win32 build times from colleagues
<i>09/16/2008 -</i>
* Talked with Ted Mielczarek, briefly discussed about where to start and how to approach this project.
** Start by timing how long each make file is
** Identify which make file takes a long time
<i>09/15/2008 -</i>
* Created Project page for this project.

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