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*Contribute to the Open-Source community
*Explore Game programming
*Open a software development buisnessbusiness
*Get heavily involved in Social applications of the Internet.
*Start a restaurant/bar.
== Open Source Contributions Labs ==*NoneLab: Week 2: share-fb command for Ubiquity. []*Lab: Week 3: Mozilla Build lab - Thunderbird build output []*Lab: Week 4: Source code reading, looked up View->Page Source feature*Lab: Week 6: Fix addressing bug in Thunderbird patch[]*Lab: Week 8: Add tab beside[]*Lab: Week 9: firstXPCOM []*Lab: Week 11: adding chrome/UI using XUL [http://zenit.senecac.on. yetca/wiki/imgs/]
== Websites Open Source ==*Add METADATA fields to distinguish which Ubiquity commands are for Firefox and which are for Thunderbird.*Fix the social.js doc.getSelection bug == Contribs ==*(Jason Tarka) - Test 0.3 release (see info and instructions in this blog post[])*(ashughes) - Install Songbird. Install Birdtorrent. Click the Tools menu item. Report the result. [] == Blog ==

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