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OPS335 Lab 6

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Install, Configure & Run a Webserver (Apache)
#Install the Apache package (the name of the package is '''httpd''').
#Start the httpd service, and enable this service to start automatically upon system startup.
#Using a text browser such as '''lynx ''' on vm1 go to http://localhost. You should get the Apache Test Page which indicates your web server is running on the local virtual machine.
#Make certain to configure your firewall to allow access to the httpd service (i.e. the Apache serves HTTP traffic which goes over TCP port '''80''') and keep the changes past rebooting.
#Open a web-browser in your '''host''' machine and enter the following URL: '''vm1.youruserid.ops'''.<br />If you setup your Apache webserver correctly, you should be able to view the Apache Test page.

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