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OPS335 Lab 6

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Install, Configure and Run MySQL Database Server
#When you start the MySQL service, check the system log file for instructions regarding how to set the root password. Even though we will '''not''' configure our MySQL service to be '''accessible over the network''', it is accepted as a "best practice" configuring for network access for each MySQL installation.
#Note that the MySQL service has two root passwords:<ul><li>For the localhost</li><li>For external requests</li></ul>
#Refer Start the mariadb server, then refer to the log file (by running '''journalctl -xe''') to learn how to run the two commands in order to generate the appropriate passwords.<br><br>NOTE: Use a password you make up yourself, but do <u>not</u> generate a secret password, since you will be storing that password in a plain text file for later reference.
#Start the service and ensure that it will start automatically every time the machine boots.

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