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Active Directory Integration

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=Project Name=
Active Directory Integration
=Project Description=
Firefox doesn't have integrated Active Directory (AD) support. AD is useful generally in enterprises where there are thousands of machines and setting up web browser preferences on each one may be a tedious task. AD lets you set up group policies that Firefox should follow. For example, some policies may include setting the default home page, or setting the proxy settings based on user groups.
=Project Leader=
Cesar Oliveira
=Project Details=
=Project News=
Got project page up with details
=Project Resources=
[ Client Customization Kit]

[ FirefoxADM] - a Firefox extension that implements Active Directory

[ WetDog] - another Firefox extension that uses active directory that may be of some use.

MSDN articles on [ implementing registry based policies]

Bugs [ 267888] and [ 337679].

[ Firefox Enterprise Working Group]

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