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Active Directory Integration

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Project Details
Cesar Oliveira
=Project Details=
This is where the status of the project. Mainly, releases will go here.
==Release 0.1==
This goal of this release was getting familiar with the concepts of Active Directory and Group Policies. No code has been written at this point in the time.
* I have set up a Google [ Notebook] to keep track of important links and conversations.
* Had a few discussions with [ Michael Kaply] (mkaply), a Firefox Advocate who works at IBM.
* Discussed some of the goals for this project :
** Many of IE's policies change more than just IE preferences. For example, there are policies to disable full screen mode. So it is not just a matter of mapping Firefox preferences to a policy, it is much more broad than that.
** Still in the early stages. We should have a meeting this Monday to discuss exactly what should be worked on.
* Started commenting on bug 337679
Status right now :
* mkaply has started doing XUL overlays to disable some functionality. He's reading IE's policies and 'translating' them into Firefox policies.
** Some obvious problems. Firefox has some options that IE does, and IE has preferences that Firefox does not.
=Project News=

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