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SPO600 Algorithm Selection Lab

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Basic Sound Scale Program
Get the files for this lab on one of the ARMv8 AArch64 [[SPO600 Servers]] -- but you can perform the lab wherever you want.
# Unpack the archive <code>/public/spo600-20181-algorithm-selection-lab.tgz</code>
# Examine the <code>vol1.c</code> source code. This program:
## Creates 500,000 random "sound samples" in an input array (the number of samples is set in the <code>vol.h</code> file).
#* Does it produce the same output each time?
# Test the performance of this program. Adjust the number of samples as necessary.
#* How long does it take to runthe scaling?Be sure to eliminate the time taken for the non-scaling part of the program (e.g., random sample generation).
#* How much time is spent scaling the sound samples?
#* Do multiple runs take the same time?
#* Is there any difference in the results produced by the various algorithms?
=== Alternate Approaches ===

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