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SPO600 Algorithm Selection Lab

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'''Optional - Recommended:''' Compare results across several implementations of AArch64 and x86_64 systems. Note that on different implementations, the relative performance of different algorithms will vary; for example, table lookup may outperform other algorithms on a system with a fast memory system (cache), but not on a system with a slower memory system.
* For AArch64, you could compare the performance of Cortex-A57 octa-core CPU (on aarchie) AArchie against the APM XGeneanother 64-1 octa-core CPUs (on bbetty or ccharlie), or against Cortex-A53 cores (e.g., on bit ARM system such as a Raspberry Pi 3, or on ddouglas)an ARM Chromebook.* For x86_64, you could compare the performance of different processors, such as xerxes, your own laptop or desktop, and Seneca systems such as Matrix, Zenit, or lap lab desktops.
=== Things to consider ===

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