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OPS235 Lab 1

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# Make certain that your Host VM is <u>'''NOT'''</u> powered on before proceeding!
# In the right-hand window (below "c7host"), and below ''"Power on this virtual machine"'', click the link called '''Edit virtual machine settings'''.
# <span style="background-color:yellow">In this setup dialog box, click the '''options''' tab and then click the '''Advanced''' option at the bottom of the list. On the right-hand side, under ''Firmware Type'click', '' 'select the checkbox to enable the option to '''Boot with EFI instead of BIOSradio button for UEFI'''. Then click on the '''Hardware''' tab, and then select the '''CD/DVD (IDE)''' device and select in the right-side select the radio button for the '''use ISO Image file'''. Click the '''Browse''' button and specify the path of your downloaded CentOS 7 Full install DVD (most likely file is contained in your Downloads folder). Click '''Processors''', and click the check-box to <u>enable</u> '''Virtual Intel VT-X/EPT or AMD-V/RVI'''. When finished, click on the '''OK''' button</span>.
# You will return to your c7host VM. Click '''Power on this virtual machine''' icon near the top to boot your c7host VM to start your c7host VM, and proceed to Part 2.
<li> You will return to the previous dialog box.<br><span style="background-color:yellow">For the '''/''' partition, change the file-system type from '''xfs''' to '''ext4''' and make certain that the Device Type is set to LVM</span>.</li>
<li>Repeat the same steps above for the '''/home''' partition (calculate the equivalent size for '''40GB''' ('''ext4''' file-system type and LVM as device type).</li>
<li>Add a mount point '''/var/lib/libvirt/images''' (type yourself, check spelling!) for size '''100GB''' (file-system type ext 4 and device type '''LVM''').</li><li>Recheck each of the created partitions, and make certain that the file-system type is set to '''ext4''' and the Device Type should be '''LVM''', unless the instructions above tell you otherwise.</li>
<li>Finally, add a swap partition (Mount Point: swap) for '''16 GB'''.</li>
<li>Check that your partition settings are correct (you can ask your instructor or lab monitor to confirm), and then click '''Done''' (possibly '''<u>twice</u>''') in order to proceed<br><br></li>

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