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OPS235 Lab 1

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::*If you have used your hard disk for previous Linux (CentOS) distributions, you should remove them. Click on the distribution, and for each partition, select the partition and click the remove button (minus sign) and confirm deletion.
::Remember that the sizes are recorded in MB (eg. 30 GB = 30000 MB) and you should multiply GB by a factor of 1024 to get the correct size. (eg. '''30 GB x 1024 = 30720 MB''')<br><br>
<ol><li value="5">We will now create the root (/) partitionour partitions. '''Click on the add button (plus) sign'''.<br></li>
<li>In the '''Add a New Mount Point''', click the drop-down button and select '''/boot/efi''' for the mount point and type '''2954''' as the desired capacity, and then click '''Add mount point'''.</li>
<li>When you return to the main screen, make certain that this mount point is a '''Standard Partition''' and <u>not</u> ''LVM''.</li>

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