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OPS335 Lab 4

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#Issue the '''mailq''' command on your VM2 machine (you will need to be root) to view the mail queue. Why would this command be useful for an administrator?
#Now, issue the '''mail''' command to see if you received that e-mail message. Did it work? If so, why?<br>Record your observations in your OPS335 lab logbook.<br><br>
#Finally, issue the following mail commands (using various e-mail addresses):<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - Local - Test3" <yourSenecaID>.<vm2-IPADDR>'''<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - Local - Test4" <yourFirstName>.<vm2-IPADDR>'''<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - Local - Test5" <yourSenecaID>.vm2.<yourSenecaID>.org'''<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - Local - Test6" <yourFirstName>.vm2.<yourSenecaID>.org'''<br><br>
#Which of the following commands worked? Record your observations in your OPS335 lab logbook.

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