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OPS335 Lab 4

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:'''NOTE:''' You can refer to the link below to acquaint yourself on how to send e-mail messages using '''mailx''' application:<br> [ Mail Send Command Examples]
===Testing mail with the internetSending a Mail Message from your VM2 Machine to your Seneca Email Account===
We will now test to see if your MTA for your VM2 machine is correctly running by sending email messages from your VM2 machine to your Seneca e-mail account.
#Check your Seneca email to see if you got the email. If you did, make a note of the return address. How would you think that including the '''-r''' option could be used by penetration hackers to gain access to a computer system? What sort of steps do you think should be taken to help prevent this type of attack from happening?
===Testing email on Local VM Sending a Mail Message within your VM2 Machine (vm2)===
We will now test both your MUA (mailx) and MTA (postfix) by sending and receiving e-mail messages on the local VM2 machine only.

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