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'' <span style="color: red;">***Under construction: write something here!!***</span>''
All First, you will likely want to subscribe to the following BigBlueButton mailing-lists: *** Next, since all of the source code for BigBlueButton is hosted on GitHub. This means that one of the first things , you should do before contributing, is try to gain a rudimentary understanding of how to use Git. Nothing too fancy, but at the very least, you should know how to clone repositories, create and navigate local branches, add files to the staging area, commit staged files, pull changes from remote repositories, push your changes to remote repositories, and submit pull requests. If you get stuck, or get some weird error message, usually you can [ Google] the message and read forum posts or [ Stack Overflow] answers, as other people have likely encountered the exact same issue before. Some good Git resources include:
*[ A free online book] - The first three chapters should be sufficient
=====HTML5 Client=====
With mobile devices dropping Flash support, and HTML5 rising to replace Flash on the web, we are looking into adapting BigBlueButton to an HTML5 and JavaScript application. The first step in this is to develop an HTML5 client that can participate in an existing meeting (where the presenter is using the Flash client) at the most basic level. As of autumn 2014, the only core component missing is the video module. This is because, as of yet, there is no suitable WebRTC based video streaming media server (see the architecture section above for more details on this).
In the summer of 2014, Danny Perrone, a co-op student from Seneca, along with with Anton Georgiev, a co-op student from Carleton university working at Blindside Networks in Ottawa, rewrote the existing HTML5 client, moving it over to the [ Meteor.js] framework.
*[ Rewrote and upgraded the mobile client to connect with new versions of BigBlueButton]
*[ Improved the user interface, which was previously minimalistic and did not support tablets very well]
*[ Added unit testing capabilities and framework](The actual unit tests still need to be written)
*[ Allowed the mobile client to respond to polls and view poll results]
*[ Rewrote the user interface to conform with the UI designer's specifications]
*[ Old links]
*[ The Official BigBlueButton wiki pages, which has links to other useful resources]

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