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[ BigBlueButton] is a free and open source web conferencing system, primarily targeted towards online lecturing by providing a virtual classroom environment, and tools for small group collaboration. However, BigBlueButton is by no means limited to classroom settings and small groups; it just means that the core features and components of BigBlueButton were developed with this target demographic in mind. The BigBlueButton name comes from the notion that starting a web conference should be as simple as pressing a metaphorical big blue button.
===Who Develops BigBlueButton?===
BigBlueButton was started in 2007 by Richard Alam, who at the time was a Master's student at Carleton University. Since then, many other individuals and organizations have become involved. The core team of developers come from [ Blindside Networks], [ Seneca CDOT], and [http:// Mconf].
===What Features Does BigBlueButton Have?===
BigBlueButton contains a set of components, called "modules", each containing a bunch of features. Such modules and features include:
See [ this] for a recent overview of BigBlueButton's server-side architecture. Behind the scenes, the BigBlueButton server uses the following technologies:
*[ Red5]: a Flash Media Server, with "room management" (a Red5 room corresponds to a BigBlueButton meeting) allowing easy handling of message sending and streaming to only those users who connected to a specific room. Red5 holds the following BigBlueButton components:
*[ Adam Sharpe] - Developer
*[ Danny Perrone] - Developer
*Maxim - Developer
*[http://142zenit.204senecac.133on.24ca/ CDOT Development Server 1 (often offline)]'''*[ CDOT Development Server 2 (often offline)]'''*[ CDOT Development Server 3 (often offline)]''' ==== Source Code Repositories ==== *[ Polling Module Repo]'''*[ BigBlueButton Repo]'''*[ BigBlueButton + Polling Module]'''*[ Seneca BBB LDAP Portal]''' ==== GitHub Help ====*[ Setting Up Github (SSH Keys)]'''*[ GitHub tutorial - how to push, git, commit, pull and checkout]''' ==== Documentation ==== *[ BigBlueButton Developer Forum]'''*[ BigBlueButton Setup Support Forum]'''*[ Polling Module wiki page]'''*[ Blog About BBB ]''' ==== Redis Database Documentation ==== *[!/redis/clients/jedis/Jedis.html Jedis (Redis Java library) Documentation] '''*[ Redis Database Command List ]''' ==== Red5 server Documentation ==== *[ red5 documentationBigBlueButtonOldLinks Old links]'''

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