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Project A2 20141 - OOP344

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Introduction: Custom additions
= Introduction =
The basic information of A2 is on the BTP300 site linked [ here]. A number of issues have been identified within the assignment spec and so a series of amendments is required in order for the spec to produce a correct assignment. The amendments are listed here. In addition, we are also listing a number of clarifications and suggestions that you may find helpful while implementing this assignment. Those will follow the spec code amendments.
== Custom Additions ==
You may add functions to your design of this assignment as long as they stay true to the "spirit" of the assignment. For example, adding a protected function in CFrame that returns whether the frame is currently in fullscreen mode or not. This function can then be used by all functions that care about whether the frame is currently fullscreen (eg width, height).
= Spec Code Amendments =

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