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Project A2 20141 - OOP344

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Tester: Added T0/T1 notes
= Tester =
== Test 0: A1 Test ==
This test is a direct copy of the A1 tester. It is here to ensure that your display/edit functions work at a minimal level. While your A1 code will not affect your A2 mark, it will be more difficult for you to finish A2 if your A1 is in bad shape so this tester is present as a convenience to help you sort through that.
== Test 1: CFrame Test ==
* '''Frame Notes''':
** Frame may overwrite '''but not exceed''' the top line of the screen
** In turn, be sure that the move message overwrites the frame itself on the top line if the frame is currently occupying the top line while the message is displayed <br/>
* '''Inner Frame Notes''':
** Be sure that inner frames '''do not''' overwrite any part of their parent's frame if the parent has a frame

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